Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Winter Wear Essentials

Mangomini, winter wear, winter essentials, december

Winter has been weird this year. It has been unusually warm at times and then at others there has been astronomical amounts of snow. Nashville is by no means the place to be in winter with the unpredictable temperatures, but classic winter pieces are pretty universal in the western half of the U.S. One of my favorite illustrators, Mangomini, has one of her classic collages floating around Pinterest. This piece features literally every wearable item that I want during the winter. A pale pink peacoat, stackable delicate rings, and a wide brim wool hat are musts for me and a bright bag with a statement sweater are bonuses that I could never say no to. But more than anything, Mangomini doesn't just feed my winter essential desires... it fuels my unhealthy obsession with illustrations. I am half tempted to print this one out and place it on my wall because it's so aesthetically pleasing, but alas I must be practical.

xo Munachi