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New BalmDotCom and Soothing Face Mist from Glossier for Every Glamour Girl | A Glamorous Revelation Blog
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Glossier just announced the official release date of their highly anticipated, yet-to-be-named cleanser and Twitter seems to be happily buzzing with the news. I've been waiting for the Glossier cleanser since the first hints of it were dropped early last year and cannot wait until I have the chance to try out the many new things Emily Weiss and her team have to offer in 2016. Thanks to a rather large, white bearded man who visited me on December 25th, I now have all of Glossier's current products, so my Glossier collection can be considered complete... for now, at least. With that I've decided to dig into my makeup bag and write about my Glossier experience, from the very first product I purchased back in August to now -- five months deep and still going further down the rabbit hole. aka A full review of all things Glossier in which I'll write about every single item they currently offer on their website openly, honestly, and hopefully concisely.

By now you've probably already decided to stop fighting off the opposition and allowed Glossier to claim its title as a "cult classic" brand. Premature, I know. But the cult-like following behind Glossier's products and its brand is undeniably amazing and will likely lead to years of Glossier success. Since its launch, there have been a multitude of websites writing and raving about all things Emily Weiss and Glossier while a handful of loyal Into The Gloss fans were left unimpressed. But as neither an ITG reader nor skincare/makeup aficionado, I fell in love with Glossier as one would fall in love with any brand he or she happens upon while browsing Twitter -- no preconceived notions and virtually no expectations. So this will pretty much be an all-inclusive review of the real Glossier.

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Soothing Face Mist $18 (3 out of 5 stars): Like many others, I quickly became addicted to the Soothing Face Mist and was using it every day multiple times a day. Nonetheless, $18 water is not a purchase I would suggest anyone make and the phenomena of "mists" never truly settled with me. In terms of product performance, there was no burning or itching like some previous reviewers had experienced, however when used in combination with certain products instead of creating a dewy glow it formed a misty layer making me look sweaty...

Perfecting Skin Tint $26 ( 3 out of 5 stars): The most recent of my Glossier purchases, the Perfecting Skin Tint has only been a part of my makeup bag since Christmas. Over the past three weeks I've tested it with my beauty routine a dozen different ways and have come to two basic conclusions -- 1) you CAN get decent coverage if you get the right shade [I suggest going one shade darker if you're caught between two since I've noticed it appears lighter on the skin once it's dried/settled than it does upon first application] and layer it on correctly [the best way to do this is to apply one layer as you would typically, wait a few minutes for it to dry, then repeat the process with a second and third layer while adding 'spot coverage' to dark marks & trouble areas when necessary] 2) the bottle is so very very small and the product is so thin that I don't believe I can make my bottle last more than a month or so if I were to use it daily. The coverage is nice for it being a perfecting skin tint, but not nearly worth a monthly purchase of $20+ which makes the greatness of the quality almost irrelevant if I can't afford to use it whenever I'd like.

Priming Moisturizer $25 (2 1/2 out of 5 stars): Though the results aren't that bad, the Priming Moisturizer is by far the most disappointing product in Glossier's fleet. There has been so much hype around the Priming Moisture by Glossier enthusiasts and skeptics alike. Overall, it did not deliver as the "best product Glossier has every created" and it fell short at being a moisturizer. 1) The moisturizer itself was thin and not very moisturizing when worn sans makeup unless it was applied exactly as directed (up and out!)  2) even with makeup, at times it felt sticky which didn't make me feel "primed for my day" 3) because of its thinness when applied correctly it can be the perfect primer for the Perfecting Skin Tint & similar products, but that also means that the quantity of product in each bottle won't last long. When used daily as part of a beauty routine $25 for 1.7oz may last you eight to twelve weeks which may not seem that bad initially but is an absurd amount to pay for an unreliable product.

Balm Dotcom $12 (3 1/2 out of 5 stars): Honestly, the Balm Dotcom started out sooo well. I ordered my first tube in August and it was miraculous. After just a little dollop each morning, my lips felt eternally moisturized. The dry skin I'd been dealing with since elementary school seemed to disappear within minutes... But then winter came around. Up until the past month, Balm Dotcom was a solid 5 out of 5 stars, but the constant need to reapply during the colder months has burst my fantasy lip salve bubble. Long story short -- Balm Dotcom from April to October is a "yes" but November to March is an iffy choice.

Mega Greens Galaxy Pack $22 (3 out of 5 stars): Once Glossier released its first masks, the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack was the definite first choice for me. I got my first tub just a few weeks before I started school and absolutely loved slathering it on my face every weekend. The major shortcoming of Mega Greens is that it is 'gunky' to wash off. While it's on your face it dries almost as if it were a lotion you didn't rub in (rather than staying wet or drying like clay as a typical mask would) therefore when it's being washed off it does so as if it were lotion being rinsed of your face. Just picture that experience and decide if that's an overly complicated mess you wouldn't want to deal with or if it's a minor fault in an otherwise amazing product.

Moisturizing Moon Mask $22 (4 out of 5 stars): Even though I originally thought the Mega Greens Galaxy Mask would be my favorite between the two, the Moisturizing Moon Mask became my obvious favorite once I bought it and used it for the first time. The results were apparent after just one use and the consistency of the mask felt like heaven... Well more like a fluffy pillow caressing my face, but you get the gist. However, even though the consistency is the best part of the Moon mask, it's also the worst. Because of its 'fluffiness' the number of masks you can get out of each tub is pretty saddening. The Mega Greens Galaxy Pack can provide twice as many masks as the Moisturizing Moon Mask so if you buy them together and use them in conjunction you'll be left a little disappointed when your Moon Mask is all gone but you have plenty of Mega Greens to go around.

Boy Brow $16 (5 out of 5 stars): Hands down the best product Glossier has to offer in terms of quality, usability, price, and it-does-what-it-says-it'll-do reliability. The Boy Brow has all-day lasting power, is formulated with pomade which leaves your eyebrows feeling soft and nourished not crunchy and dirty, and is easy to use every single day. As Emily Weiss has said, "it's a game-changer." What more can I say? Boy Brow is a definite Glossier go-to.