Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Third Year of A Glamorous Revelation!

 Hello again...    As I enter into the third year of A Glamorous Revelation my perspective has shifted quite a bit. Blogging has been so different that what I thought it's be when I saw Courtney Loves Dallas (the show that made me want to start a fashion blog). Now after two years of being on and off I'm making a concerted effort to make this website into 'something real'. For the first time ever I am TRULY deciding on quality over quantity (which means fewer posts per week, but waayy ore consistency than you've been seeing lately) in hopes of taking AGR to what I believe is the next level.

 And now...    Yesterday I visited The Glamouri and was completely amazed by the transformation it's had since I first clicked through back in 2010. It has become a bonafide online fashion and lifestyle magazine that is practically what my fashion-y stylish fabulous dreams are made of. That was enough inspiration to get me back I my game and start planning what I'm going to be doing next on my own blog. So now that I'm done fangirling like a girl from The Hills, I can refocus and get myself together to.

But in the future...     So with all that being said, expect to read more of what I have to say about things here and there as well as discovering tons of new brands in the fashion, beauty, and entertainment world. I'll interview a couple of people here and there... a few business owners, hopefully some fashion industry people, and a handful of other bloggers that I love. And eventually I'll get the opportunity to run an entire brand that'll include a YouTube channel, guest contributors, et cetera et cetera. Stick around and you'll see all the great things that will becoming in the near future. xo Munachi

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