Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Steal Time Back

My blog has evolved at least a thousand times since I first brainstormed ideas back in 2013. But the most modern version of A Glamorous Revelation came about by hours of Instagram stalking. I discovered the underground world (lol) of ultra-small businesses and their product filled Instagram profiles. The first brand I fell in love with was Tiny Time Machines -- now called Steal Time Back -- that opened my eyes and wallet to the dark depths of small business online shopping.

When I bought my "watch", Steal Time Back was all about the symbolism of being here now. However, they've grown to encompass more than just a symbol of mindfulness and now sell legitimate watches with their signature "now" logo. So while you look down at your wrist throughout the day, you can be reminded to live in the moment while also knowing what time you're actually living in. Dual functionality as they say. There is a certain type of convenience and irony with finding the time on the same device you find peace in timelessness.

I bought my NOW watch as a quirky fashion statement, but it ended up turning into a reminder of mindfulness and self-care. I am still a little insane when it comes to trackimg time and making overly meticulous daily schedules.  But I rarely wear a real watch anymore, I care more about the experience than the minutes ticking by, and I barely realize that I'm wasting the day away when I'm lying in bed on the weekends. So now is a perfect time (no pun intended) to invest in brand new tech from Steal Time Back.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Pinspiration: Over The Beauty Counter

Unfortunately and fortunately I do not have a beauty identity. I change my hair almost every week from long to short or from box braids to tight ringlets. That's why I am so unhealthily dependent on my ever-changing beauty pinboard "Over The Beauty Counter." The one thing that is constant, though, is that I love a good pink lip and smooth, slightly disheveled hair.  I absolutely don't wear eyeshadow, no matter how creamy or luxurious the formula is, but I will always fawn over a good eyeshadow look on Pinterest. And if I happen to come across a bada$$ braid or two those will probably be added to the collection as well. The pastel colored hair and gypsy hair accessories are just a bonus. Maybe one day I will grow out of my spidery eyelash obsession and mature into a truly no-makeup makeup look. Until then, I'll stick with foxy makeup tutorials for my next themed frat party.

To see more of my favorite beauty looks from Pinterest check out my "Pinspiration: Beauty" or follow either of my beauty boards "Over The Beauty Counter" and "Salty Hair, Don't Care" on Pinterest. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

It's the little things that make my day. Some of my favorite things are those that are as inspiring as they are pretty. Even the simpliest things like a sleek iPhone or quilted coin purse from Paris can be enough to empower my creativity. There are the obvious inspirations --It by Alexa Chung and a perfectly pink nail polished named after this here blog -- that also inspire the analytical and academic side of me. Alexa's heartfelt retelling of her modeling days inspires the same amount of enthusiasm for science as it does for fashion. My favorite things are my favorite things because they inspire me and change me and discover me and influence me. Not me the fashion/beauty blogger; not me the science major. Just me. Me in my entirety.

Now that was sappy. Too sappy for a fashion/beauty blog. But I published it anyway because sometimes fashion and beauty are more than fashion and beauty.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Style Envy: Emily Schuman

Cupcakes and Cashmere, Style Blogger, Emily Schuman, lifestyle blog, Man Repeller, Winter Style, Fall
The common thread between every L.A. blogger is their immense lack of realistic winter style. Leandra Medine (a New York blogger through and through) always shares the oppressive blanket winter inevitably lays on top of her personal style. Anyone outside of perpetually sunny Los Angeles has to spend the winter deciding between warmth and style. That usually means that I'm stuck swaddled in blankets while I scroll through L.A. based blogs like Cupcakes and Cashmere saying a paper thin sweater and a stylistically draped windbreaker are "winter essentials."

Nonetheless, Emily Schuman and her peers' winter style is not a completely lost cause. I absolutely love Emily's winter outfits for the early days of fall when it's fifty-five degrees when I leave my apartment and somehow transforms to eighty degrees by lunch. Her eclectic take on classically chic style represents the ethos of personal style while still remaining adult-y and professional -- my new goal since I'm going to have to be a real adult living in the real world soon enough. But even before I attempted to become an adult, the undeniably "Emily" aesthetic in every Cupcake and Cashmere outfit was inspirational as much as it was inspiring. Red stripes and leather skirts seem innocent enough until you try and pull them off. Grey velvet heels and a sprawling messy bun are not easy trends to wear either, yet here we are. Even if this bipolar weather doesn't last long, at least I'll have the likes of Emily Schuman and her fellow L.A, bloggers to inspire me while they can.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


prints: Daydream Prints

I wouldn't call the humble arrangement of artwork in my apartment a gallery wall in front of an interior designer, but I am rather proud of my little collection of pretty prints. Throughout the past couple of years I've added and taken away from my gallery wall's many incarnations. Recently I did an entire revamp of my artwork selection and layout creating a whole new aesthetic above my work space. I kept many of my original prints from the now defunct Etsy shop, Macarons and Peonies, as well purchased a few new colorful pieces inspired by the work of Andy Warhol (rather demure Andy Warhol, if we're really being honest). But most notably, I've adding several of my favorite greeting cards from Daydream Prints and converted them into mini wall prints. I chose You're Beautiful and Find Your Tribe from the newest collections and Love Letter #2, my all time favorite from in DP history. I spent an ungodly amount of time converting each one and then placing them just right within my gallery wall. I mean, it was all worth it because I've been in love with the results ever since I put them up about two months ago, but the moments of regret come when on wonder to DaydreamPrints.com and see what new things it has to offer.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Sit Still, Look Pretty

As I've gotten older (lol) I've become more and more empowered and proud of who I am. It's not like I've felt particularly worthless or un-special in the past, but I never grasped how incredible somethings were about who I am and the life I live. I have been obsessed with Sit Still, Look Pretty by Daya (who I just bought tickets to see in February!) and every time I listen to it I am even more inspired by the things I do every day. As a black woman at an elite university sometimes I overlook the fact that there are not many people that can do what I do. I have to keep reminding myself that being a well-educated, incredibly talented woman has not always been the norm. My hopes of going to graduate school and earning the highest academic degrees in my field put me even further beyond what would be expected of me as a woman, as the child of immigrants, and as a person of color. Every day I'm surrounded by amazingly intelligent women who are above and beyond what any average person could hope to become and it's inspiring. As Daya points out in Sit Still, Look Pretty the idea that men have this lustful dream of having great, powerful jobs while being married to loving and amazing women who stay at home and dedicate their lives to being a trophy wife is a little unsettling. I've never thrown out the possibility of being a stay-at-home mom or ever hated the idea of women who choose not to work when married. However, the more I see Ph.D. and MD clad women, the more I feel uncomfortable with the idea that a housewife (oh how I hate the words trophy wife) is the only desirable partner for well-off, hard-working men.

I can't imagine being expected to not work despite the years of education and training I will undoubtedly have put in by the time I am married. I can't fathom being married to someone who believes I shouldn't use any of the education I'd have spent so much time, effort, and money acquiring. There are many different types of wives and even more types of women in the world, all of which do amazing and incredible things in their own right. But sometimes there is a need for me to sit back, put Daya's album on repeat, feel empowered, and realize that I am a commodity. Not necessarily someone who is fighting gender norms or trying to show the world that I can be just as great as men. Simply, I am a highly valued asset to the world and every now and then I need Daya to make me feel good about that.

Friday, October 7, 2016

100% Boys' Tears

100% boys tears, Valfre, iPhone case, trendy, kitschy phone case, illustrator, Instagram
phone case: 100% Boys Tears by Valfre

I'm sure you've seen one or two (or ten) of Valfre's hauntingly quirky illustrations floating around on whatever social media apps you peruse. Her artwork has been floating around Pinterest, Instagram, and We Heart It for years and she's been featured in both Nylon and Teen Vogue (and probably others) within the last few months. Lately, Valfre has been releasing more and more clothes for her namesake clothing line and I've been crying silent tears wishing I could buy everything. I've come to terms with my attraction to pretty much anything with a cheeky phrase on it (i.e. everything Valfre has ever created). I have a collection of hats, t-shirts, jewelry, office supplies and even drinkware with snarky sayings on them. But one of my all-time favorite cheeky, kitschy accessories I own is my 100% Boys Tears iPhone case by Valfre. I had one for my iPhone 5 that I just got rid of and now have a brand new one for my iPhone 6. It's my fail-safe conversation starter when I'm in a crowd of people and makes for some really quirky, cute Insta pictures on top of just being the perfect phone case for my personality. The phone case itself is rather wide, preventing me from ever putting my phone in my pocket ever again, but honestly, why would I want to hide this piece of female empowered humor? There are always sacrifices you have to make in order to be great.

If cartoonish milk cartons are not your cup of tea, there are plenty of other fun phone cases on Valfre's website. Other popular designs include her Chill Pill cases in pastel pink or blue, Bruno 3D black cat case, and her Rose Coffin case with an old-fashioned telephone antenna. And of course, there are a few plain jane cases with illustrations of plants, lipstick tubes, and the like for those of you who'd rather not make a statement every time you pull your phone out. Not everyone communicates through tech, but even still there's something about a Valfre iPhone case that will always turn heads.

Photo by Valfre

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Fashionista's Reading List: Fall 2016

Aimee SOng, Capture Your Style, Sophia Amoruso, Nasty Galaxy, In The Company of Women, The Coveteur, Private Spaces Personal Style, book, New Releases, Just Released

Capture Your Style by Aimee Song
As more and more of the OG fashion bloggers venture away from the blogosphere and into more traditional fashion roles, Aimee Song has expanded her list of accomplishments to include a personal style and Instagram how-to book. It's a little bit of a memoir, a little bit of a social media guide, and a little bit of a just-for-looks coffee table book to meet all of your literary needs.

Nasty Galaxy by Sophia Amoruso
Ever since I found out about Sophia Amoruso's next book, I have been patiently waiting for its release. Nasty Galaxy is a step up from #GirlBoss since it's less of a personal story and more of an aesthetic journey through the eyes of Nasty Gal's founder and CEO.

In The Company of Women by Grace Bonney
If you like Human's Of New York in any type of way, then In The Company of Women should be your next foray into reading about others' lives. A collection of stories from incredible women -- old, young, rich, poor, but always interesting -- and who they are.

The Coveteur: Private Spaces, Personal Style by The Coveteur
The Coveteur has taken its signature subject and turned it into a bound book of endless decor inspiration. Prepare yourself for the most beautiful layouts from the icons you've seen in magazines and on the big screen. In other words, prepare to see celebrities' most intimate expression of personal style: their homes.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

5 Blog Posts I Loved This Month

All the fantasy gifts fashion people would get Beyonce for her birthday -- The Coveteur

A ultra-chic and profession laptop sleeve for millennials -- Cupcakes and Cashmere

Velvet heals with jeans have never looked so sophisticated -- Fashion Toast

11 reasons why you shouldn't quit your job to travel... even if Tumblr says to -- Man Repeller

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Glossier Dilemma

Let's talk about the elephant in the room, shall we?

Glossier. -- Brain child of the ever-creative Emily Weiss and cult favorite of anybody who's anybody in the beauty fanatics world. Also, one of the few brands whose entire product line was something I could get excited about, Literally, every. single. product. (yes, even the ultra sheer perfecting skin tint). But then there's that irking feeling in the back of my mind... The venture capitalists. A Glamorous Revelation is a blog and brand that's entire ethos is based on supporting independent brands and small businesses, yet one of the brands I support and feature the most isn't technically a small business. It doesn't have grassroot beginnings and it isn't a little start-up housed in the back of someone's basement. Glossier is a full fledged, corporate funded business. But what Glossier is not, is a corporate giant outsourcing all of content creating and creative concepts. They aren't an office of 500 employees who aren't even sure who the "Glossier girl" is.

So then how do we classify Glossier? I'm not quite sure yet. I feel a little icky covering Glossier as if it's just a homegrown company like many of the other brands I feature. But I also recognize that in a lot of ways Glossier is much closer to a small business than a corporate power house. And not to mention, I love their products and have loved watching them grow from a company of four products to an entire brand. But everything's also complicated by the fact that Emily Weiss and her team have treated Glossier like it's a really small company when in reality it isn't. It's not that I feel lied to constantly, but sometimes I wish we were all more honest about Glossier as a company, not just a brand. And when I say we I definitely include the people who work at Glossier, not just the bloggers like me that cover them or the consumers like you who use their products. Right now Glossier is growing so it's hard to classify. But, as it gets bigger we're going to have to really confront who and what Glossier is. For now, I'm just going to enjoy the new Supers and patiently wait for their next release.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Pinspiration: Bag Snob

Now that I'm in college I'm struggling to find uses for the many, many, purses I own. Most days I just grab my bright lavender Herschel backpack and my wallet before rushing out the door, so there isn't a real need for me to carry another bag everyday when I'm already weighed down by the one that's carrying all of my books. However, this somehow doesn't stop me from still obsessing over some of the cutest bags on Pinterest and buying more purses that will enjoy their lifetime sitting on my closet shelf. And in my defense, even though I have no daily demands for a new purse, I've been delving into the world of "the perfect going out clutch." I may not need a giant tote bag, but whenever I'm going to an evening event there's always an opportunity to use a cool clutch to accent my outfit. That's why this set of pinspirations is a tad clutch heavy. I will always be fawning over large satchels and eccentric cross-body bags, but clutches have become the most reasonable handheld accessory for me in college.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

4 New Releases To Get Excited About {September}

The Supers, Glossier, Finding Ferdinand, custom makeup, mini lipstick, Ouai, Jen Atkins, travel size, Callio Fragrance, mini spray bottle, Adele, Adele, perfume, new products, new releases, September
Every year there are so many new releases in fall because that's when the fashion industry decides to reset itself and start anew; the New Year's of fashion and beauty, if you will. For those of you who love the It factor and extravaganza of New York Fashion Week then September means submerging yourselves in a pool of instant runway coverage via Snapchat (r.i.p. Style.com) while you wait for your favorites to drop next spring. For me, someone whose eye is always on the artistic works of the small business sector, September is the month of new product, new product, new product.

Glossier released its newest masterpiece yesterday -- The Supers -- which have been formulating for months. I ordered Super Glow from between the sheets of my bed 1 hour after they'd been released and am now patiently waiting for the opportunity to put my "skin first, makeup second." But, does that mean I am any less obsessed with Finding Ferdinand's newest goodies. The lipstick minis were just released a few weeks ago and have won my heart over. I've created three customer colors already and have an #FFGirl minis collection that's already five deep. Keeping with the theme of mini beauty, both Callio Fragrance and Ouai Haircare dropped collections with mini versions of their bestselling products. Ouai, the hair care brand created by the hair styling goddess Jen Atkins of Kardashian fame, now has its super luxe hairspray, mousse, and hair treatments for half the size and a fraction of the cost. Even when you're just headed to your parents house for the weekend, with the sleek grey packaging and rich formulas you'll feel like you're traveling in style. And while you're on your little weekend trip you can also spritz your favorite scent without having to use up valuable space in your bag or risk TSA confiscating your full size bottle. Callio Fragrance has graced us with the perfect mini spray bottle that we've always needed but never had. Today, Callio Fragrance added a .33oz spray bottle of all its perfumes to complete the trio of perfu-mania -- full size, rollerball, and now mini spray bottle. To add to the hype, there's also a 30% off anniversary sale going on at CallioFragrance.com right now so there really is no excuse to not get your favorite perfume.

Friday, September 2, 2016

My Thoughts On Life... and Kanye vs. Taylor

.... Year 2 of the great college adventure has started and I'm equal parts psyched and nervous.

.... There are a ridiculously amazing amount of new products coming from my favorite companies. I am actually giddy with anticipation. Keep your eyes peeled for more Callio Fragrance, Finding Ferdinand, and Glossier on the blog soooon.

.... I kept with my I AM VERY BUSY tradition and bought the medium sized, ice blue version from Ban.do last month. From the OG blue and gold, to the pale pink of yesteryear, and now we're here.

.... My lifeblood this summer was all the Kimye vs Taylor Swift drama. Fellow Team Kimye members, where y'all at?

.... AGR now has its own Facebook page that I'm obsessed with. After all the social media I've been doing for years, I don't know why I held out so long for Facebook because it is by far the easier platform for bloggers.

.... I officially have more Balm Dotcom than I could every consume in a lifetime. I just bought my 10th tube and I'm a little ashamed.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Instafamous // Barbie Style

In a social media driven world, I don't know why I'm shocked that one of the most influential people in the world has a style blog inspired Instagram account. With all of the hate that has circled around Barbie for years, I'm glad to finally be able to join a community of people who still think she's as bada** as it gets. I used to feel like the lone soldier among Barbie's seemingly infinite number of haters. But now, as I turn that blue button green, I become one of 1.5 million people who support the incredibly well-dressed OG It girl and her gang.

The best part of @BarbieStyle isn't Barbie's seamless transition into the ultra-modern world of oversharing, but that she is posing in front of chic street vendors and well-known monuments; she's always adorned in accessible stylish clothing, and she is featured with so many of her friends in various shapes, sizes, skin colors, and hair types. Quite honestly Barbie, the girl who as been badgered for decades about her unrealistic and unhealthy promotion of a single beauty standard, has the most diverse social media presence of any "influencer" I've come across. And rather than tout the diversity with body encouragement hashtags and snarky comments that shut down the years of hate she's received, it goes practically unmentioned. It's treated as if it's the norm. Barbie doesn't have to brag about having a friend with a head full of dreads or explain why she and her friends don't all have the same size 4 waistline. It just is. She lives the life that I wish we all could live -- stylish, filled with friends, and representing all of the different people we're surrounded by without judgment or insecurities. 

Photos via Instagram.com/BarbieStyle

Friday, August 19, 2016

The Only Pink Lipstick You Need This Fall

lipstick, kylie jenner lip kit, posie k, review, fall beauty, trust fund beauty, finding ferdinand, custom lipstick, pretentious pout, lipgasm, back to school makeup
lipstick, kylie jenner lip kit, posie k, review, fall beauty, trust fund beauty, pretentious pout, lipgasm, back to school makeup
lipstick, kylie jenner, lip kit, posie k, review, fall beauty, finding ferdinand, custom lipstick, pretentious pout, lipgasm, back to school makeup
lipstick, kylie jenner lip kit, posie k, review, fall beauty, trust fund beauty, finding ferdinand, custom lipstick, pretentious pout, lipgasm, back to school makeup
lipsticks: Trust Fund Beauty c/o, Finding Ferdinand c/o, and Kylie Cosmetics:
coloring book: EmmaKisstina

 As much as magazines and beauty bloggers want us to believe we need 20 of the best new lipsticks (or any everyday makeup item, for that matter) for fall, we reeeaally don't need to drown ourselves in buckets of waxy pigments. Inevitably you'll experience the three stages of beauty-buying remorse with 1) excitement for all of the color possibilities, 2) adoration when you find that one amazingly beautiful color among the bunch, and then 3) carrying on for the next 3 months using your newfound favorite lipstick and ignoring all the others you bought in a frenzy. Instead, put your money where it matters and get the one and only lipstick you'll need this fall: the perfect pink that'll go with your everyday outfits and your jazzed up looks for night time extravaganzas.

If you love: ultra-shine lip gloss
Trust Fund Beauty Lipgasm Lipgloss in Pretentious Pout
Pretentious Pout can only be described as a lip smackers-esque level of glittery shine that sits atop the girliest of pinks. The exact shade is practically identical to MAC's "Pink Nouveau" (my favorite lipgloss of all time) and long-wearing shine and subtle sparkle are just 90's enough to be nostalgic without crossing over into childish territory.  

If you love: perfect everyday lipstick
Finding Ferdinand Creamy Lipstick in A Glamorous Revelation
If you want something done right do it yourself, right? Instead of continuing my endless search for the perfect shade of pink lipstick, I just went to Finding Ferdinand and created my own custom color. You can create absolutely any lipstick shade you want and with FF's new minis you can order several different blends of colors before picking your favorite. Literally all you need is two minutes and $6 and you can have your own custom shade of lipstick sent straight to your door.

If you love: long-wearing matte lipstick
Kylie Jenner Lip Kit in Posie K
Despite the ongoing battle between Kylie Jenner's Lip Kits and Colour Pop's affordable dupes, I still maintain the ideology that I support brands and business(wo)men rather than faceless companies and mass marketing machines so getting a Lip Kit was always a no brainer for me. The formula is almost perfect (it's a little too drying, but aren't all matte liquid lipsticks?), the color is great as a mature alternative to my typical baby doll pinks, and it is the most long-wearing lip product I've ever used in my life. After hours of swimming around in the pool and a day full of talking, sweating, and lip rubbing there's barely a smudge on my lips. Easy application + everlasting wear + wearable color = my liquid lipstick dreams

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

5 Podcasts For Every Commute

man repeller podcast, oh boy, bloomberg news podcast, beauty podcast, monocycle podcast, material world podcast, strong opinions loosely held, refinery 29 podcast, coffee with dani podcast, fat mascara podcast, best episodes, commute, millennial podcasts

Coffee with Dani: Wanna have coffee with some of the best underground entrepreneurs in London and New York? Transcontinental blogger and girl gang supporter Dani sits down with movers-and-shakers each week to talk about entrepreneurship, media, politics, dating and so much more. At about 35 minutes each, Coffee with Dani is great for your morning drive to work, especially if you'll be stopping by Starbucks on your way.

Fat Mascara: For all of the women who wish beauty blogging was just a bit more 'educated' shall we say. There's no shame in the consumer perspective that beauty blogs offer, but Fat Mascara steps it up several notches by interviewing the likes of Beyonce's world tour makeup artist, the one and only Deborah Lippman, and a number of celebrity dermatologists. Also, did I mention that it's hosted by two beauty editors from Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire? While each episode would be great for your subway ride home after a long day, it's equally great to listen to while getting ready in the morning.

Material World: Every wondered how skinny jeans are single-handedly killing the fashion industry? Or how athleisure rose to popularity because of Title IX? Or you may have considered how current marijuana dispensaries feel about the impending federal legalization of Mary Jane? If not, you will now since Material World ventures into the social science of consumer goods and how small things can affect an industry/society in a subtle way (think: Miranda Priestly's speech about Andy's cerulean blue sweater). If you're ever carpooling, this is your best bet for 30 minutes of quality entertainment and approx. 20 minutes worth of perfect discussion material with your girlfriends/co-workers after you finish each episode.

Strong Opinions Loosely Held: While the topics covered during most episodes of Strong Opinions Loosely Held are on the more serious side each of the podcasts mentioned above, the 20-minute cap on each one makes it much less of a debate and more of a very creative discussion. Misogynistic dating and the alleged vocal fry of the Kardashians are talked about with the same degree of interest and education. So anytime you hop on your bike to head to the farmer's market or across town to meet up with a friend, derail your strongest opinions while pedaling your life away

Monocycle: Leandra and Co. have expertly produced two ultra Man Repeller-esque podcasts, but in my humble opinion Monocycle is the better of the two. In less than 15 minutes, Leandra digs deep into whatever topic she's feeling that day (creative burnout? the Paris terrorist attack? fashion week pretentiousness? yep!). As a college student Monocycle is incredibly convenient for my morning walk to class, but it's also a worthy choice for your lunchtime commute to and/or from your daily eatery of choice. 

Friday, August 12, 2016

I Would Like To Thank The Academy

Wildfox's aesthetic is beyond dreamy. Even more so than the kitschy LA girl loungewear they sell, I am incredibly inspired by the photography and artistry of the Wildfox brand. The Fall 2016 lookbook tells the story of the classic school girl motif and the modern #squadgoals. Each piece of the puzzle fits together to create the all-powerful girl gang. -- At the peak of your elementary school reign "ruling the school" was all the talk. The newest and brightest light up shoes, the sparkliest glitter headband, and the most bedazzled bootcut jeans were unspoken prerequisites to sitting atop the throne. Now as a twenty-something you're fighting to keep that throne beneath your buttocks by shifting your priorities from the most glittery get-up to the sophisticated yet spritely ensembles of Beverly Hills. Gone are the the childish jokes of yesteryear. You now embody the tongue-in-cheek humor of Amy Schumer and Chrissy Teigen... Maybe with a little bit of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler banter thrown in for good measure. However, despite your journey to 21st century's #girlboss-dom you've still somehow managed to transport us back to the extravagance of Marie Antoinette with her ladies in waiting. Classic yet modern, indeed. A true signature of the Wildfox aesthetic.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Pinspiration: Words Of Wisdom

Inspirational quotes, back to school quotes, encouragement
If there's one thing I've learned from going to college it's that mental health and motivation are more than important -- they're essential. Being able to get through the week can become a challenge when you're in the depths of adultish responsibilities. It's merely a coincidence that Words of Wisdom was the next Pinspiration board to be featured, but I know it's not a coincidence that it ended up being published in August amidst all of A Glamorous Revelation's back to school content. The notes of encouragement have been far from hidden since I started college. From the Fashionista's Reading List last spring centered entirely around motivation literature to my personal story with the clothing brand So Worth Loving, I've come to embrace the benefits of little pieces of motivation each day. That's pretty much what Words of Wisdom is. The entire board is over 200 Pins of encouragement and motivation to work hard, find your passion, be honest, overcome obstacles, follow your dreams, stay true to yourself, and be inspired by some of the greatest people in every industry. 

For more Words of Wisdom posts, follow me on Pinterest here.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Everything You Need To Know Before You Start Your Freshman Year

school, advice, college, freshman year, what to do, what to bring, how to survive freshman year

I'm no psychic, but I do know that you googled every last thing you could think of about what you need to know about college because that's what everyone does. You have to make sure you've read every checklist that says "don't forget shower shoes!" (verryy repetitive, but very true) and studied every bit of advice that says "you and your roommate probably won't become besties" (also repetitive, but much less true). College advice for incoming freshman is very, VERY marketable and we're almost guaranteed that you'll read it because you want to be absolutely prepared for the next four (or more!) years of your life.

But even with all of the information you can find from a basic Pinterest or Google search, there's still a dozen things no one will ever tell you. Why? I have no idea. But what I do have is a few articles about the different things in college that were either never mentioned to me, not mentioned to me enough, or totally misrepresented when I was reading all of those happy-go-lucky back to school Pins. This isn't an exhaustive list of everything you should know before the first day of class; it's a supplemental list that fills in all the gaps every other list left empty so that your meticulous research combines into a compartment of knowledge of everything you need to know before freshman year officially starts.

1) Postmates will be your best friend. Every school's meal plan is different, but this super cheap delivery service is perfect for impromptu food cravings and has sooo many free food offers. Plus you get $10 off your first delivery with the code J7FRX!

2) There will still be drama, period. I was always told that once you're in college you leave all the petty high school drama behind. Let's just say you will still be screenshotting texts and spilling some tea in college.

3) College is hard. Like, really hard. Study for every test and quiz, do your homework, and for goodness's sake ASK FOR HELP.

4) You don't have to be a broke college student. Just don't buy all of the ridiculous things you think you need, like fancy detergent or a $50 all purpose Swiffer (you're probably not that dirty).

5) Just be nice. To your roommate. To your TAs. To the people who work in your dining hall, It will make a world of difference one day, I promise. 

6) Be smart about going to events/parties. ALWAYS charge your phone before hand, NEVER go to or from the event/party location alone, and SOMETIMES there will be times you feel uncomfortable while other times you'll feel adventurous but never make a decision without thinking it through to some extent. These sound obvious, but you will ignore each one of these sometime throughout your freshman year so they are worth repeating a thousand times. 

Friday, July 29, 2016

7 Blog Posts I Loved This Month

Man Repeller, TopShop, Cupcakes and Cashmere, Office decor, cute puppies, nail art, 90's chick, ring pop, instagram tips, leather jacket, shark week

If it feels like it's been forever since I've told you what I've loved on the internet for the month it's because it pretty much has been forever. After a little bit of debating with myself, it is time to bring it back! A Glamorous Revelation is rooted in supporting small businesses, indie brands, entrepreneurs and the like so why not keep true to what we're all about and support the hundreds of thousands of people on the internet by sharing their content with all of you. Sharing is caring, right? And if you even remotely like my content (which, I think, it's safe to say you do since you're reading this) then you'll no doubt love all of these other content creators across the interwebs.

The best part of this Man Repeller x Topshop collab is seeing Leandra enjoying her morning coffee in rainbow pajamas.

You know what they say -- America loves a girl who loves her dog.

The new Cupcakes & Cashmere offices are so uniquely gorgeous. I genuinely want to live there.

90's inspired manicure from a true 90's baby.

What a modern day Audrey Hepburn's Instragram account might look like.

Chanel Boy bag inspired purse + a leather jacket is enough to make an OOTD great, but then she pairs it with a quirky dress and heels and just like that it goes to a whole other level.

These ten pet peeves from a blogger in the UK make me laugh a little every time I read them.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Love the Art ; Protect the Artist

Zara, ShopArtTheft, etsy, Small Businesses, Flair, Forever 21, Badges, Accessories, Stolen, Lifestyle, Opinion

No one really knows what "a glamorous revelation" means. I can try my hardest to articulate the tingly, inner feeling that inspired this blog's name, but I never seem to get it quite right conveying instead a more confusing yet aspirational definition. What I can articulate, and with relative ease I might add, is the purpose behind A Glamorous Revelation the blog. AGR has evolved quite a bit since its beginning days, but it has become rooted in the artistry of small business entrepreneurs. For the girl who is redefining glamour by where she shops and the brands she wears, as the tagline says.

Fashion, glamour, and style are not determined by the designer you choose to wear but rather the story and ethos behind the brand they chose to create. Companies like Forever 21, Zara, and H&M would love to convince you that the artistry and creativity behind fashion and beauty (and film and music and literature, for that matter) doesn't matter. Your only concern should be on what you see when you enter their stores or click on their websites. The condition of the workshops oversees don't matter; the "inspirations" for new products don't matter; the environmentally unsound practices of consumerism don't matter. At  least, according to retail conglomerates like Zara, Forever 21, H&M, and every other major fast fashion brand. They provide you with a variety of clothing, beauty, and homeware products that are the result of hundreds of hours of tireless labor... But that labor does not occur in their corporate offices. It happens in the studios of every small business owner/artist whose designs have been ripped off tocreate Zara's extensive collection of pins and patches. It also occurs in French ateliers months before Paris Fashion Week prior to being (very cheaply) duplicated in a matter of days in order to hang from H&M's racks. You can also find that labor at a sweatshop at 5am at a sweatshop in Bangladesh that violates no less than five safety codes so that your $3.99 t-shirt can get to Forever 21 in time. And the list goes on.

This time around, Zara's distasteful and arguably unethical use of dozens of artists's work has been exposed to the harsh light of today's instantaneous social media world. Thanks to @ShopArtTheft and countless other outspoken artists the bright, hot lights have shown consumers who Zara is as a company, as a brand. More importantly, though, they have done the one thing that shifts this narrative from a David-and-Goliath fight (but in this version Goliath wins.) to a phoenix's rise from the ashes. Their efforts have been focused on identifying each design that has been stolen and connected it back to the artist that originally created it. Rather than helplessly watching Zara's products continue to sell, we can now take back some of our power and purchase each of the original designs from the original artists who created them. It's not enough to just love the art. Loving the art is appreciating the work and skill that goes into each piece without any action or initiative. But if we love the art, we have a responsibility as consumers to protect the artists. That requires us to go beyond admiration and into actions -- purchasing power, media platforms, etc -- to ensure artistry and entrepreneurship don't diminish. As a lifestyle writer who chooses to build my personal brand around such entrepreneurship and art, I've seen too many small businesses close their doors because they can't compete with the major players in the market. Love the art, yes. But also make it your duty to protect the artist. If you stay silent in a moment of injustice you have chosen the side of the oppressor. 

Photo (underlay) by @ShopArtTheft

Friday, July 22, 2016

If You Love Nylon.com...

nylon magazine, nylon shop, jade taylor, local heroes, high heels suicide, jump from paper, sonix sunglasses, yeah bunny, summer, must haves, bts, backpack, leather jacket, denim jacket, back to school

Nylon Magazine is an indie, hipster girlboss's dreeaaamm. It has a great mix of underground and underrated brands with high end, over-produced, under-appreciated labels that only the geniuses behind the desks at Nylon could come up with. Nylon.com bumps it up 10 notches and adds in a healthy dose of quirky and cool. Pimped out illustrations and pop culture influenced accessories sit side by side and the "Shop" section is nothing short of American Apparel meets Wacky Wacko on crack. So, in true spirit of Nylon.com, here are a few companies from Nylon Shop that are the boom to your bang and the "Bye" to your "Felicia" in the best, most punk'd out way possible.

Not quite athleisure, not quite loungewear -- Local Heroes is an eccentric, cool girl company that has some of the best "chill day" clothing. Their insane sock designs put Rob Kardashian to shame and make spending Sunday afternoon in a long t-shirt, underwear, and comfy socks 10x better.

With its beginning days as just another Etsy Shop, Yeah Bunny now provides the Nylon girl with space age undergarments and Beyonce-esque tech accessories. Geeks and nerds be weary; your wallet may not forgive you once you step foot into the Yeah Bunny abyss.

Jump From Paper is another one of those companies that I found long before my shopping "trips" to Nylon Shop. But having my favorite brands all in one place makes me want to buy everything even more. Even if it's a cartoonish backpack that will definitely turn heads as I walk to and from class.

Here's the beautiful alternative to Quay Australia that you've been waiting for. Summer is still upon us, and if you live in one of the many places that has sunshine well into the depths of fall, finding a great pair of sunglasses is far from frivolous. 

I know you've seen all of the 90's inspired, embellished bombers everywhere on social media. If you're not quite inclined to try your own DIY denim jacket or potentially ruin your favorite leather motorcycle jacket, try your hand at the many designs of High Heels Suicide girrrl power outerwear.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Summer Essentials: Face Mists

air repair, glossier, soothing face mist, evian, complexion quenching facial spray, summer, essential, rosewater, phase 1

air repair, glossier, soothing face mist, evian, complexion quenching facial spray, summer, essential, rosewater, phase 1, review

air repair, glossier, soothing face mist, evian, complexion quenching facial spray, summer, essential, rosewater, phase 1, emily weiss

face mists (L-R): Air Repair Complexion Quenching Facial Spray, Glossier Soothing Face Mist, Evian Facial Spray; notebooks: Kate Spade; keychain wallet: Coach

Merely a year ago, face mists were a foreign concept to me. The only time I had come across even the slightest hint of fancy face water was 1) Massie's constant sprays of Evian in the tween book series of yesterdecade, The Clique and 2) that one time Man Repeller debated the worth of Caudalie's $50 beauty elixir. In my oblivion I dove feet first into the face mist world exactly 12 months ago during the glossier.com *buy anything, get a face mist free* promo. It was my introduction to Glossier and my introduction to luxury face hydration. Like any typical drug addiction, it started out with a tentative trial that lasted a few weeks, but then quickly grew into a ten times a day back-of-the-mind yearning that preoccupied my ever wandering mind. After whizzing threw my first bottle, I decided to settle down and savor bottle #2 of my Soothing Face Mist as well as swim out into deeper waters and try even more versions of this utopian skin product.

My first impression of Air Repair was that it was the rough around the edges, geeky older brother to Glossier. Though Air Repair pre-dates Glossier, its product line seems a little like Phase 1's less glamorous twin sister. Initially, the Complexion Quenching Facial Spray seemed like my no nonsense replacement for my depleting rosewater spray, but it became abundantly clear after just a few uses that they would work sooo much better in tandem rather than as alternates. Soothing Face Mist is, as the name suggests, Glossier's take on facial mists. However, the Complexion Quenching Facial Spray goes far beyond that. It's a spray on moisturizer that can practically replace your current face cream in the morning. Instead of coating my face with a medium to heavy lotion in the morning, I spritz a little Air Repair mist followed by a thin layer of rosewater spray. It is the most refreshing and moisturizing summer skincare routine I've tried yet.

On the other hand, Evian face mist was a little disappointing for me. Mostly because I always envisioned something super luxurious whenever I read The Clique books. Plus, the first experiences I had with face mist involved a beautifully scented concoction and an ultra quenching spray. Evian face mist is quite literally misted water. The only real ingredient is water mixed with elements in their most basic forms. Nevertheless, when spending a day at the pool or sitting at the drive thru drenched in sweat, it serves its purpose and hydrates/refreshes my skin. But with all the different deluxe varieties out there I really wish there was a little more oomf to make me want to purchase again. What matters, though, is that I've got every version of face mist I will need for the rest of the summer. No complaints here :)

Friday, July 15, 2016

4 New Releases To Get Excited About {JULY}

kylie jenner, lipkit, alexa chung, alexachung, milk makeup, lightweight foundation, alessia cara, know-it-all-tour part two, nashville, tennessee

Alexa Chung is (finally!) creating a clothing line: The ultimate It Girl has decided that it's high time she graced us with her satorial genius with her very own, namesake clothing line. It's set to be released in May of next year, but until then we'll get to see sneak peeks and editorial previews galore.

Milk Makeup's new products are literally out of this world: Never have I ever thought I needed roll on foundation or lavender highlighter until now. Milk Makeup has taken a step into the extra terrestrial and released a lightweight foundation with a rollerball applicator. To add to the madness, they also released a holographic highlighter stick that comes in a a ridiculously and suprisingly flattering lavender.

Up and coming artist, Alessia Cara, is going on tour yet again: Living in the Music City gives me a renewed appreciation for live music. After experiencing the soulful vibes of Alessia's first tour earlier this year, I am beyond ready for her to come back to Nashville for part deux of the Know-It-All tour.

Kylie Jenner just released a brand new selection of lip glosses: Today is what seems like the thousandth restock of Kylie Jenner Lipkits. But not only is today a restock of all the ultra popular matte lipstick sets, she is also releasing a new collection of longwear glosses in Candy K, Koko K, Posie K, and Exposed (some of her most popular matte shades). Additionally, she is  set to announce her newest summer shades that'll be released later this season.There's no question that today is the day for kyliecosmetics.com. *Update* On top of all the new lipgloss and liquid lipstick releases, Kylie has been teasing #SummerSuprises for her "newest and biggest" announcement this summer. There's a lot of speculation but from the detailed sources I've read and the patents King Kylie, LLC has filed, I think it's a safe bet to prepare yourself for an entire range of Kylie Jenner cosmetics -- from high-pigment eyeshadows all the way to intense, shimmery highlighters. Kylie Cosmetics is soon to be a full fledged makeup brand.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Pinspiration: Nail'd It!

It's been a while since I've posted any nailspiration on my blog, but today I've decided that it's time to change things up. Even though the nail art trend has faded, my love for over the top nail decor has not. The blue and green gem design is still one of my all-time favorites for Pinterest. The black and gold shattered glass nail art is simultaneously absurd and practical because, despite it's rather insane concept, it can function as just a regular manicure without obstructing daily activities. Admittedly, these designs are slightly toned down from my typical nail art aspirations. Some of these designs feel very classic (re: white and black polka dots w/pink heart, neon blue themed plaid, and simplistic pale pink) and others feel a bit edgier (re: Victorian-esque black lace, mermaid netting, and a British-y style variety show).  The irony is that this third "series" in a row that I've done is in one way changing it up, but in another way it's sticking with the same ol' same ol'. To be fair, I kind of hate putting series after series after series on A Glamorous Revelation, so I do apologize for the string of IFB link ups, Style Envy posts, and other articles that are a part of a series. However, there are some reeaally exciting things coming to AGR in 2016. Summer is always the best time for me to get the ball rolling because like anyone in the academic system can attest, you have so much more free time during summer break than during the school year. I am really happy that I've finally come full circle from the major slump I slipped into as a blogger at the end of 2014. For the past year and a half there have been some great parts of A Glamorous Revelation and all its entities and there have been some not so great parts. But now that I've gotten over the hill, there will be infinitely more great parts especially as we head into the second half of 2016. Yay for new content; yay for partnerships and blog collabs; yay for giveaways...

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Style Envy: Alexa Chung

I still don't understand what Alexa Chung actually does with her career. I know she is a TV personality here and there, but in all honesty she has a stronger presence as an elusively employed It girl with a crazy good sense of style. Her mysteriousness is kind of why I love her so much. Her memoir It is one of my favorite books and her style is always something I can draw inspiration from. This summer, I've decided to embrace her tomboy chic aesthetic by pairing shapeless long sleeve tees with colored skirts, patterned button downs with Glastonbury-worthy hats, and sparkly dresses with worn out tennis shoes. As a bonus, her style can easily transition into fall without much effort. Long skirts are breezy enough for an eighty-five degree shopping day and warm enough for a sixty-eight degree lunch date at a local cafe. I also love that throughout her years as a style icon she has kept the same no nonsense hair style. She's been asked about her effortless locks a plethora of times and always responding with "it's natural!". But still, I appreciate the simplicity in her hair and beauty look that compliments her simplistically outrageous (oxymoron?) sense of style.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Masking The Truth

face masks (clockwise from top): Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask, Dr. Jart Vital Hydra Solution, and Dr. Jart Brightening Solution; eye mask: Forever 21

I'm kind of obsessed with face masks now that I've finally found a few good ones. I remember the days of picking up ninety-nine cent clay masks in the checkout aisle at WalMart and begging my mom if I could get one. Since then I've transitioned to the self-heating, soothing feeling of Biore's charcoal mask and then eventually upgraded to the magic of Glossier and Dr. Jart. Though I'm not quite on the level of masking nirvana, I definitely have a variety of favorites --and a couple of disappointments-- to share.

I l-o-v-e the Glossier Moisturizing Moon mask. I've talked about it ad nauseum on A Glamorous Revelation, but this time instead of using it as part of my Sunday night masking ritual I've been mixing in activated charcoal to each dollop before slathering it across my face in the mornings. The results were a more satisfyingly hydrated, deeply cleansed face prepped for makeup application. In the absence of my Glossier galaxy mask, it served its ultimate dual purpose of clearing my pours and hydrating skin without being too harsh.

But the moisturizing moon mask + charcoal had nothing on the amazing results of the Dr. Jart Brightening Solution sheet mask. I am borderline obsessed with this sheet mask now and am already mourning the precious dollars I will spend buying more in the future. The quality of the serum was definitely above average, but the quality of the sheet mask material itself sealed the deal. Once applied, it locked in place without a single budge during the 40+ minutes I had it on. My biggest sheet mask pet peeve is that when they are on your face they don't stay put when you talk or move any facial muscles; a problem I no longer have to face with Dr. Jart sheet masks. After leaving the sheet on my face for twice as long as the recommended time, I washed my face and basked in the glorious results of a brighter face and slightly less visible scars.

However, I can't say the same for Dr. Jart's Vital Hydra Solution. During the summer, hydration is barely a problem for my skin so this sheet mask didn't have much to work on. Nonetheless I barely saw any changes in the state of my skin and would hardly say it made a lasting difference. This mask came after my day with the Brightening Solution Dr. Jart mask so my expectations were high, but with the price of the VHS I had to be honest with myself about what it did for my skin.... Nothing. I really wanted it to be amazing, especially since the quality of the mask material was almost as good as the Brightening Solution and the mask serum felt sooo soothing on my face. But alas, I am an honest lad and must say I am thoroughly disappointed.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

IFB Links a la Mode: Styled By Summer

Now that the start of summer is officially here, you’re really showing off some fantastic summer looks. Whether you’re ready to lounge by the pool, hit city streets or be wedding ready, this week’s posts span all that summer has to offer.
I particularly appreciated some low-key options which tend to be my jam, particularly when my summer is filled with chasing a toddler, eating ice cream and most importantly, working from home. You can’t go wrong with a good graphic tee, a great pair of leggings or new versions of classic stripes. But even though my personal style tends to fall on the low-key end of the spectrum – date night and wedding season attire posts are super inspirational to me, and have me ready to go shopping. I’m already counting down the days until the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Links a la Mode: June 23
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