Friday, December 4, 2015

Happy Birthday To Me!

floral birthday card: Hartland Brooklyn c/o; cheeseburger birthday card: Hartland Brooklyn c/o

Tomorrow is my birthday! Unlike every other year, I'm keeping it extra low-key with my new friends. Most years I'm surrounded by people I really care about and have grown to love over the years. Some of my best birthday memories are from times where I got to experience true friendship and love with the people who mean the most to me. Since I am right in the middle of my first year in college, all of my friends are brand new and we're experiencing different dynamics on days we've always spent with the same people.The one thing that will stay absolutely the same, though, is my obsession with cute cards to commemorate significant events. I love Hartland Brooklyn's birthday card designs, especially as someone who would much rather have a delicious burger over a piece of cake any day. The different birthday card designs on the HB website can go with any personality. There's something for your girly-girl little sister who loves flower crowns and Coachella as well as you spunky best friend who loves to laugh. I still plan on wearing my signature "birthday outfit," which as you probably guessed by the name, is the outfit I wear on my birthday every year. Nothing says "pay attention to me! I'm important! It's my birthday!" like a pale pink skater skirt with a bright blue cashmere sweater. Instead of having an actual celebration I'm just going to spend quality time with the friends I have with me here in Nashville. And instead of baking like I do almost every single year, I'm going to stop by Gigi's Cupcakes in West Nashville and get a dozen mini cupcakes for everyone who spends my special day with me. A little goes a long way when it comes to birthdays for me.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Pinspiration: Everyday is Shoesday!

Sophia Webster, TOMS, shoespiration, Pinterest, footwear, whimsical heels, best shoes for prom, homecoming shoes, stilettos
Sophia Webster, TOMS, shoespiration, Pinterest, footwear, whimsical heels, best shoes for prom, homecoming shoes, stilettos, kitchsy, hello kitty converse, beaded tribal stilletos
Sophia Webster, TOMS, shoespiration, Pinterest, footwear, whimsical heels, best shoes for prom, homecoming shoes, stilettos
First things first: I love Sophia Webster shoes. I feel like that must be said at the beginning of every shoes related post on my blog. She infamously made it to the very top of my Rich Girl Wishlist and is still churning out ah-mazing whimsical designs despite fashion's momentary fling with normcore. I always tell my mom that I'll know when I've made it in life because I'll have a row of Sophia Webster shoes in my closet. But until that time, I am fawning over a dozen other pairs of shoes that I would kill to have in my closet. TOMS's wedges have been a weirdly universal favorite of mine (except when I'm running back and forth from one class to another) and "basic" flats that I can wear wherever whenever. Not to mention the more outrageous, fun designs that I couldn't pull off on a daily basis but have absolutely no problem oggling over on Pinterest. That's pretty much the gist of my Everyday is Shoesday! board -- one part expensive shoes, one part wearable shoes that I'll probably end up actually buying, and one part over-the-top shoes that I would love to own but would likely never wear. Every one of the pictures I used above fits into one of the three categories which just goes to show how segmented my shoe dreams are: extravagant, attainable, or aspirational. And that's that.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December // Dates To Celebrate, bandofun, shopbando, unofficial holidays, outrageous, celebrate, unusual holidays

December 1 - Eat A Red Apple Day

December 7 - National Cotton Candy Day

December 13 - International Children's Day

December 20 - Go Caroling Day

December 28 - Card Playing Day

December 31 - Make Up Your Mind Day

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