Monday, November 30, 2015

Twitter #Trending Topics Are My Worst Enemy: Blogger Confessions VII

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Hello my name is Munachi and I have an addiction to social media. Instagram is my main source of inspiration throughout the day, Pinterest is the one place I can get all my thoughts combined into one beautiful place, and Twitter has practically my only source of communication with the outside world. But now I can't help but engage in the sensational aspects of media that I see every day on Twitter. The number one rule of branding in blogging is to stay "on brand" and not be controversial. However, is it really being true to your brand to ignore hot topic issues on social media if you are your brand and these issues are something you care about?? Well, if I'm being honest I know that what I tweet matters for me and for my brand, but I refuse to sit silently on Twitter while social movements and societal growth occurs. Elaine Welteroth, the senior beauty editor at Teen Vogue, tweeted about how thankful she is that she can use her position as an influencer to share her thoughts and be part of world change. Some of the topics she mentions on Snapchat and Twitter have nothing to do with the beauty industry or the superficial aspects of being a fashion magazine editor, yet she still maintains a loyal following of beauty junkies and Teen Vogue readers.

So the real question is do I stay true to me or stay true to my brand... or both? How do I maneuver tweeting #BlackLivesMatter one second and #BestLipstickEver the next? Obviously I could just have a strictly business/blog Twitter account, but I've spent two years integrating my personal life with my blogging life on one Twitter account because that is the truest version of me. I don't every post something I wouldn't be proud of and I always want to support the causes I care about so why wouldn't Twitter be a place to do that. Isn't that what Twitter is for -- sharing your thoughts with the world? And isn't that what this blog is about -- supporting businesses and brands and authentic ideas? Are we contributing to the problem if we sit silently while running our businesses or are we carving out our own little spot of the internet where we share how we feel in our own private way?