Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Indulgences

perfume: "Kiele" by Callio Fragrance c/o; nails: "Say Yellow To My Little Friend" by Jenna Hipp

My family isn't really into the traditions of Thanksgiving so I've always seen Thanksgiving as an introduction to Christmas. This year, instead of the typical Thanksgiving lunch and dinner that most traditional, American families partake in, my family is trying an alternative, almost hipster approach by attending a midday picnic with hotdogs and hamburgers. Instead of indulging in pumpkin pie and a thousand pound turkey I'm going to enjoy indulging in the new season of Vanderpump Rules, colorful licorice, and the last remnants of my collection of Callio Fragrance perfumes. I have been dousing myself in the last drops of my bottle of Adele and my new bottle of Summer so I guess it shouldn't be so surprising that I'm almost out of both of them. All I really have left in my Callio collection is my Kiele roll-on which has to last me until Christmas since I won't be able to restock until then. I already put three new rollerballs of Callio Fragrance perfume on Christmas list so that my little luxuries will last my throughout the entire year, but who knows... Maybe Callio Fragrance will become something I gift myself every year as a tradition.