Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Last Memories of Summer

The Last Memories of Summer | A Glamorous Revelation Blog & Sumer by Callio Fragrance
perfume: Summer by Callio Fragrance c/o; dress: Luxe Boutique; necklace: (r-ki-tekt) c/o

If you hadn't noticed already, I think it's pretty obvious now that it's no longer summer. I miss being able to be lazy whenever I wanted, spend 6 hours a day visiting friends and going shopping every day of the week. Now that I'm in college I constantly have work to do. There are no such thing as stress-free days and Friday nights are filled with Chemistry lab reports and biological theories instead of partying and going out. But the one piece of summer I still have is my Summer by Callio Fragrance perfume. Even though it's not 85 degrees outside, it still feels like there's a little bit of summer left in the air when I wear Summer. Now that I have a Callio Fragrance specifically for reminiscing summer to go along with Adele, my go-to winter perfume, All I need is a designated spring and fall scent to have a well-rounded collection of Callio Fragrance.