Tuesday, August 11, 2015

What's In My [School] Bag: College Edition

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{houndstooth binder: Walmart} {I AM VERY BUSY agenda: Ban.do}
{"Summer" perfume: Callio Fragrance c/o} {sunglasses: local boutique}
{backpack: Claire's}

I don't really know why school and office supplies are my favorite things to photograph and write about on my blog. Maybe because they always look so pretty and put together. Possibly because I feel more organized simply by owning the materials I need to stay organized. Who knows?! But what I do know is that I am l-o-v-i-n-g this year's products and am soooo excited to get back to school so that I can use them all. the. stinkin'. time.

The funny thing is that my back-to-school style has barely changed since I was in elementary school and everything I pick out is usually in the same kitchsy/cute color scheme with recurring cool girl/mod chic/fashion girl themes. This year particularly, so many of the supplies I have is practically identical to what I bought last year because I was so stuck on how much I loved everything from my senior year. Hey, what can I say -- if it ain't broken, don't fix it. I reordered my Sweet Talk pen set and beloved I AM VERY BUSY agenda from Ban.do and somehow got my hands on the Teen Vogue x Staples heart printed pink pencils that would've matched my Teen Vogue heart printed notebook that were in my school bag last year. On the topic of notebooks: for my freshman year of college I want to do a semester long #ThrowbackThursday with classic black and white composition books personalized with an array of stickers from craft stores, Sassy Celebs, and my 2014 agenda.

But the contents of my college school bag doesn't stop at classroom notebooks and homework binders. Going off to college requires more than the typical school supplies list and I've already picked out a few extra things to carry around with me that will be floating around the bottom of my bag with organic granola bars and pre-sharpened pencils everyday. The most important of the aforementioned extra things is without a doubt an issue of Nylon Magazine, past or present, to read while taking study breaks or waiting for friends in The Commons. I've already subscribed for this year and will have each issue sent to my P.O. box without a shame in the world. Equally as "essential" as a Nylon subscription, a bottle of Callio Fragrance; a pair of Olsen Twins sunglasses; and a tube of lip color (whether it'll be a Revlon Colorburst, NYX Butter Gloss, or Butter London tinted lip balm is to be decided) will always be on hand, 8 AM classes included. Who said I had to stop being an fashionista just because I'm going to college?