Thursday, August 13, 2015

Pinspiration: *BLING*BLING*BLING*

Jewelry, Pinterest, baubles, earrings, gold, lightning bolt, harry potter jewelry, handmade jewels
cat necklace, jewelry, Pinterest, midi ring, gold rings, simple jewelry, skull necklace, gold band
Diamonds are a girl's best friend is probably one of society's biggest lies, but that doesn't mean I don't love my fair share of jewelry. Nowadays browsing Pinterest substitutes for going wedding ring shopping even when you're not engaged and makes you want jewelry you never even thought you'd like (cat necklaces? Really?!?). I love Pinterest and have over a dozen themed boards so I'm resurrecting my beloved, weekly "Pinspiration" series to select my favorite Pins and make them into and edit to share here on A Glamorous Revelation. My recent jewelry Pins have been minimalistic and a little edgy. Well except for those insane statement earrings and that tortoiseshell statement necklace. This time last year I was all about outrageous baubles and extravagant accessories, now I'm back to the classic gold with little embellishments here and there. Minimalism has never really been my thing, but I guess my Pinterest boards are telling me otherwise.

To see more of my favorite jewelry Pins follow my board "*Bling*Bling*Bling*" or follow all of my boards on Pinterest here!