Monday, August 10, 2015

Lovely Lady: Julianne Hough

The Best Style Moments of Julianne Hough, The Princess of DWTS
Julianne Hough is the princess of Dancing With The Stars. I think it's safe to say that not many millennials watch Dancing With The Stars. I obsessed over the show when my great aunt visited us for an extended period of time when I was in junior high. She watched each episode without fail and was invested enough to watch each dance  but not overly enthusiastic enough to cheer for any one couple or call in a vote at the end of the performances. With my obsession with the show came my love for Julianne Hough and her brother Derek. Julianne is an incredible dancer, but there's icing on the cake since she's turned out to be a well-styled, sophisticated, bohemian chic women who strolls around Hollywood as a talented athlete and unassuming style icon. She's at Coachella every year but barely makes the waves Vanessa Hudgens and the Kardashians do. She's held producing, judging, and choreography positions on different movies and shows but manages to carry herself as a laid back, simple gal with God-given talent. So I guess you'd say I'm in love with Julianne Hough herself just as much as I'm in love with her style.