Monday, August 17, 2015

College Must-Haves, Advice, and Tips from A Glamorous Revelation

What DO you need for college? When is the BEST time to shop for college items? Where can I find CUTE dorm decorations?

College is just around the corner and I have no doubt that there are several students stressing about textbooks and class schedules, dorm room decor, restrictive college student budgets, and the undeniable party scene that they'll be a part of for the next 10 months. Even for college sophmores, juniors, and seniors balancing everything can be a bit of a circus act. A Glamorous Revelation has a handful of articles in its archives that can help alleviate some of the last minute stress with a some advice, tips, and tricks about the college questions you've been asking (or haven't even thought of yet). Here's a list of past blog posts that'll help with the little things you may have been thinking about:

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