Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Beauty Brand Wishlist

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There are so many things in the world that I would love to buy and try if only I were rolling in money with thousands of dollars to spend on whatever whenever. Until then, I'm sticking to a beauty brand wishlist with my top four favorite brands that I've been dying to try, but have yet to splurge on. Well except for Glossier that is. Last month I ordered the Mega Greens Galaxy Face Mask, the Balm Dotcom, and received two free Rosewater Face Mists so I'm (finally!) getting to try the overwhelmingly praised products of Emily Weiss and her Into The Gloss team. Buuuttt.... Glossier is still on my beauty brand wishlist because still I want to try the other three products in the Phase 1 kit (and the hinted at Phase 2 that's in the works).

Smith & Cult, Jo Malone, and Commodity Goods are all properly placed on my list as brands I haven't gotten to try at all but reeaally want to despite their intimidating price tags. Smith & Cult is a luxury nail polish brand founded by the creator of the 90's fan favorite Hard Candy and retails for a whopping $18 a bottle. In its defense, the bottles are huge and super chic but that's still a pretty penny when you can't decide which color to get and want to buy all six of your favorites. Jo Malone speaks for itself as a highly exclusive luxury brand that makes delicious smelling candles and perfumes. I am a candle addict so naturally I'd want at least one Jo Malone before I die for bragging rights, if nothing else. On the opposing side of delicious smelling fragrances, Commodity Goods has made a name for itself by offering off-beat scents that you didn't think you'd like but end up falling in love with. Rain and Whiskey aren't typically perfumes I'd buy, but thanks to Commodity Goods's secret sauce of everyday experiences + unusual notes I want every single one.

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