Thursday, August 20, 2015

An Endless Summer

The perfect summer look that'll transition perfectly for a Southern autumn.
{dress: Gianni Bini} {sandals: Rue 21} {necklace: Harper Designs}

Why is it already nearing the end of August?? This summer has been so amazingly relaxing and I don't want it to end. I like wearing flouncy dresses even when I have absolutely nowhere to go. I Like slipping on sandals and getting a weird shoe thong tan. I like being able to pair cropped vests with a laser-cut spaghetti strap dress and not caring that I look like a Coachella/Country music star wannabe.

I wore this a loonngg time ago and I'm still in love with it now which means there must be something good about it. This outfit is obviously a "summer" look, but I'm so into it that I can honestly see myself wearing it in the middle of October. In Tennessee we get summer-like weather even when it's fall so this probably won't be the most daring thing I'll end up wearing, but it will no doubt remind me of all the long summer days I spent editing blog posts and sipping Sonic milkshakes. Sitting around doing practically nothing everyday is kind of what dreams are made of, right? Yes, it definitely is. So I guess I will be wearing this outfit in fall... And possibly even in the spring.