Wednesday, August 12, 2015

4 New Releases To Shop This Week

What's New? New Products from Hartland Brooklyn, BoxFox, Packed Party, and Trust Fund Beauty!
Happy Humpday! Which in my world means "Happy I'm-So-Done-With-This-Week-Let's-Go-Shopping Day" There's no scientific formula on how to get over the Wednesday blues, but here at A Glamorous Revelation we've been thinking long and hard about it and we've come up with a near perfect solution: online shopping. It's the best Wednesday night (...or morning, if work's already gotchya down in the dumps. No judgement here. I understand.) activity to cure the humpday blues. Lucky for us, four pretty rad brands have dropped new sets of products that are all available online now and are less than a day's paycheck away.

The biggest announcement this week was that Trust Fund Beauty finally released their 2- and 6-piece 'sample sets' featuring itty bitty bottles of nail polish that they've been hinting at for ages. I mean, who can focus on what ridiculous thing Donald Trump is saying now when there are bite-sized bottles of TFB nail polish to be bought??? And once you've decided on exactly which mini nail polishes to get, you can head straight on over to because what was once just a stationery brand now boasts a wide variety of nail stickers and manicure decals. Each set of about 50 stickers/decals is themed -- Great Outdoors, Fruits & Veggies, Junk Food, and Holiday -- and can technically be applied to nails or skin. Who doesn't love a multitasking product?

In the department of gift boxes it seems that you can have your cake and eat it, too. Packed Party announced their brand new Yay, You package on Snapchat today which includes goods from Sugarfina,, and that one company that apparently makes the cutest sparklers you'll ever find on the internet. But don't be fooled. The packaged is titled Yay, You but I would love to send it as a totally unnecessary yet entirely welcome unbirthday gift to myself or possibly as a because I love you gift to my bestfriend. BoxFox is also a gift box service, but on top of being able to buy pre-made packages you can also Build-A-BoxFox and customize every little thing about your package from the overall content all the way down to the greeting card design. They've introduced a few more products to their Buld-A-BoxFox shop such as luxe hand lotions, Love + Roses beauty mist, prettily packaged toffee, and a stackable gold ring that you can add to any box you curate. It's pretty much like having 10 different types of stores all at your disposal when you're sending a personalized present to anyone in the world.

Individual photos from respective Instagram accounts