There's Nothing Like Nylon

Taylor Momsen - Nylon Magazine Cover [Singapore] (May 2013)
#tbt lindsay lohan's may 2007 cover
Elizabeth Olsen Nylon Magazine via Olsens Anonymous

There are two types of people in this world: those who love Nylon Magazine and those who don't. If you haven't had a chance to flip through a few issues of the alternative, classic, witty magazine then I suggest you stop by your nearest newsstand and check it out. The editors at Nylon are laid back, honest, and have a killer ear for music. Each issue features anywhere from the newest indie rocker to the undiscovered folk-pop band that just celebrated its 10 year anniversary. The fashion focal point of the magazine isn't lost in advertisements, but it also steers clear of being the cliche vintage-obsessed, hardcore, 70's classic, over-the-top rebellion that many non-mainstream glossies seem to embrace.

Over the years Nylon has had just about every true It Girl you can think of on the cover of its monthly magazine. Taylor Momsen, Lindsey Lohan, and Elizabeth Olsen are just the tip of the iceberg. Haim, Tavi Gevinson, Dakota Fanning, and Anna Kendrick have all graced the cover of Nylon and that's just within the last year. Their pop culture spirit bleeds through each article they publish on their website and in their print issue. To explain to you who the "Nylon girl" is, one need only read the comments of @NylonMag's April Fool's Day Instagram post that announced Kim Kardashian as the next cover star. Let's just say the readers where outraged and the graphic designers had a serious sense of humor designing the mock cover. That's not to say you can't be a Nylon girl and keep up with the Kardashians (and the Jenners!); it just means you know the difference between a Hollywood phenomenon and careered entertainer.

So which kind of person are you? One of the ones who love Nylon Magazine or one of the ones who don't?