Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Lovely Lady: Lily Collins

Lily Collins has been a style icon of mine for as long as I can remember. She looks incredible no matter where she's going and her style always looks refined and classic even if she's mixing prints or indulging in the newest trends. Although I hate to admit it, my closest consists of unholy amounts of black, white, and grey keeping even my most outrageous outfits slightly muted. Lily Collins seems to have gravitated towards neutral colors throughout the years making it even easier for me to pull from her looks when creating style inspiration of my own. A simple t-shirt layered over a button down, a graphic tee paired with knee length shorts, and thigh high boots worn in a non-risqué way are some of my favorite style choices that Lily has pulled off flawlessly. She makes walking around in 5 inch heels look like a piece of cake and her over the top outerwear looks so chic you'd wonder why you've never gone shopping in a black and white cape.