Monday, July 13, 2015

1... 2... 3...

Dear Glamour Girl,

Okay, so I know this may seem a taaaddd more dramatic than this really is and I kind of hate that I have to announce it because it feels "too official" but I'm going on what they like to call a blogging break. I hate to say that because even though I won't be blogging, I'm definitely not taking a break from being a blogger. I've been planning to use this summer as a time to pretty much revamp and in a way relaunch A Glamorous Revelation. I was contemplating changing my blog name, going self-hosted, completely (re)designing a new blog website, redirecting my content, getting a more focused aesthetic, and soooo much more. But, to my dismay this summer has been busier than I expected and I've been less motivated than ever to spend 10 hours a day trying to become a tech genius. Running the behind the scenes aspects of a blog can be ridiculously time consuming and then to add publishing a blog post, Instagram photo, and promotional tweet everyday and you've got a recipe for a potential disaster. Trying to keep up with 1000 things is already hard enough, so for the next 3 weeks (that's until the beginning of August ;)) you won't see another blog post from me here on AGR. Doing back-end work is enough to keep me busy for the next several weeks and with the extra time I'll have since I won't be writing daily posts, I'll be able to prepare for the new and improved A Glamorous Revelation website.