Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Technically, I Suck At Blogging: Blogger Confessions VI

It has been a long while since I last wrote a blogger confessions post. In a way, this is actually one of my favorite series to write on AGR and for obvious reasons, is the most therapeutic. There are so many things worth confessing 18 months into this little game I've been pretending to play called blogging. I'm only going to hit the tip of the iceberg in this post but hopefully later on I'll be able to go a little deeper and dig a little further into how and why I've pretty much become a blogger that technically sucks at blogging.

I say technically because I still love what I do just as much, if not more, most times of the day. My biggest fear is one day deciding that all of a sudden I no longer want to publish my "literary masterpieces" on the interwebs and share all the crazy things that cross my mind on the daily. But even though I love blogging just as much, I have been treating it like a nuisance for almost six months. I've failed to publish several posts on time, I haven't had an #OOTD article in practically nine months, and some of my topics of conversation can be described as rather bland. No good blogger can get better if she treats the blog she supposedly cares so much about like an unwanted pair of booties she won't ever wear but refuses to get rid of. Yet that's what I've been doing.

Not to mention the fact that my readership has dropped so drastically I almost wonder if there's been a targeted, mass genocide of A Glamorous Revelation readers. It took me a while to admit it, but I lost almost 80% of my average monthly page views when I subconsciously pushed my blog to the back-burning and halfheartedly kept it running. Even though I blame a big chunk of my viewership decline on Google algorithms and its funky web ranking system, I can also own up to the fact that my sucky blogging motivation also contributed. Luckily, I'm moving forward and moving on hoping for a brighter future. I've already promised myself a dramatically better next six months and am promising all of you loyal readers (who I am TRULY grateful for!!) that what is to come will be so much better than you can imagine. You deserve it for still putting up with my nonsense after all this time.

And now that I'm done rambling: I hope you have an amazing rest of your week and a fabuluxe Juneteenth weekend!