Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Polish Pods

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Just like all the magazines (Teen Vogue named it the best beauty innovation of 2014 here, Allure awarded it Best Beauty Breakthrough of the Year here) I was kind of obsessed with the idea of these single use nail polish pods. They come in loads of colors and are the perfect size for an on the manicure so you can quickly paint your nails before running out the door or you can paint them on the go when you're waiting in the ridiculously long at Starbucks. Pretty much, they are a nail polish enthusiast's dream, That is, until you realize that the idea of something is usually much better than the execution of it. I believe the saying goes something like "easier advertised than done," right?

The online reviews for Formula X's nail polish pods have been overwhelmingly negative. They go on and on about specific colors drying up or being difficult to squeeze out of the bottle making the entire set (all pods come in a single set of 24 colors) a waste of enthusiasm and money. I'm here to say that my experiences so far have not been nearly as bad as many of those roaming around the internet, but there are a few "glitches" in the design, if you will. Like most said, after about the fourth or fifth finger it becomes increasingly difficult to squeeze the remaining polish out of the pods. However I simply poked a hole in the bottom of whichever little pod I was using and squeezed it out from that end, which was surprisingly easy and got my manicure done within 5 minutes. The bottom of each pod is made of an aluminum foil like material so it's extremely easy to puncture, thankfully. Of course this makes the easy-breezy aspect of it practically go away since poking a hole in the bottom of a bottle of nail polish can be messy, but in all honesty it was still easy and simply and once you're done you just throw away the single use, empty nail polish pod.