Friday, June 12, 2015

6 Internet Posts I Loved This Week

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1. Kierra just started a new workout routine and it's already got me more motivated to start my own workout regimen. 

2. Just like model scouting, "wall scouting" is a thing and it proves there are some gorgeously Instagram-able walls around the U.S. Click to see if there are any popular walls in your city.

3. A simple guide (with fun GIFs) on how to DIY any pair of shorts this summer.

4. The skincare routine of someone who once wanted to be a dermatologist seems more reliable to me than just any ol' skincare blog post.

5. Bright patterened swimwear is one of my favorite parts of summer and this swimsuit is a perfect example of why.

6. Chioma's combination of bright purple lipstick and giant ringlet curls = ah-mazing beauty inspo.