Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The More The Merrier

There's no such thing as too much stationery and life's too short to not have the cutest stationery you can find. For me that's a new set of mini Mara Mi cards with cursive script, black and white backgrounds, and gold foil accents. Or it's gypsy styled greeting cards that are extravagant and sparkly while conveying the simple message of You + Me = <3. Or maybe it's a colorfully striped "LOVE U" notecard I excitedly bought from Urban Outfitter when I saw that they carried one of my favorite stationery brands, Daydream Prints, in their stores.

Obviously it's all of the above and the more I add to my stationery collection the more I love it. Mara Mi and Daydream Prints make up a hefty amount of the greeting cards scattered across my desk and in my drawers so it truly is "the more the merrier." You can get dozens of Mara Mi cards from just about any TJ Maxx and Daydream Prints is sold on the website AND Outfitters stores so you can upgrade your stationary connection with just a click of a mouse or a trip to the strip mall. Plus, I made a few impulse purchases at local boutique and got 2 of their super cute, bohemian-esque cards that are twice as pretty as they are thoughtful and that's just the way I like it.