The Best Online Community *EVER*

I don't actively watch the MTV show Catfish, but I do know that the premise of the show is enough for me to be completely hesitant to ever trust anyone on the internet that I've never met face to face. However, there are those occasional groups of people online thay make you think, "Man, I sooo wish I knew you in real life because you seem like a totally awesome and amazing person to hang out with!" Oh, wait? So you've never felt that way? Well then, you've been missing out BIG TIME because some of the most hilarious, inspirational, and/or just flat out "this will make a great story one day" things I've seen or read on the internet have been because of great online communities.

By far the best online community ever is that which is housed in the comments section each and every day. I don't know what does or doesn't occupy their days, but they always take time out of their [presumably] busy schedule to leave a load of laughs, thought, and inspirations on Leandra and Co.'s man repelling posts. They're not internet trolls -- far from it actually. Their comments are *almost* always relevant to the blog article at hand and if nothing else each comments adds to and builds up the awesome community vibe Leandra and Amelia and everyone else on the Man Repeller team have created. I encourage you, if you haven't already, just sneak a peek at the comments section of any one of The Man Repeller's conversational posts (I suggest one that's about a week old so that you can witness a fully developed comment section that has been marinated in man repelling hilariousness and includes the few stragglers that comment days after the post has been published) and prepare to be amused. Go ahead. Click on over to now.

Photo by Ashley Barlow