Monday, May 11, 2015

Summer Beach Bums

Wildfox, s'mores, summer, party ideas, beach, playlist, packing list
Now that I'm unofficially out of High School (graduation's this Saturday!) I can turn my brain off for a second and enjoy the careless company of summer before I head of to college. It's going to be a struggle maintaining high school friendships and the deep, spiritual relationships I've built within the last four years while I'm away so I'm hoping this summer is filled with crazy nights and insane memories that I'll never forget. Whether you're moving on to the next chapter of your life or just chillin' like a villain and doing the same ol' thing, take a leaf from Wildfox's book and host a bonfire, go on a beach vacation, and have a wild night. You already have the perfect playlist and an ultimate packing list courtesy of the cool kids at Wildfox. If you're waiting for June 21 to make it an official summer starter party, lemme tell ya, life's too short. Party now and party hard.