Friday, May 22, 2015

New Makeup, New You

Unlike most people, rather than accumulating tons of makeup gradually I go on gigantic makeup shopping sprees every so often and pretty much buy an entirely new makeup collection. During my last makeup haul I sensed a subtle difference in the products I was choosing and the brands I was picking out. Instead of heading towards the cheap $5 section of my local drugstore or the clearance aisle of TJMaxx, I put my money wear my mouth is (literally!) and dropped quite a bit of cash on the products I would be putting on my face. I splurged on my favorite skincare brand, Shiseido, and bought two bottles of their hydrobalancing cleanser and moisturizer as well as their Kardashian-approved sunscreen, mattifying makeup primer/moisturizer, and a box of their amazing cleansing and makeup removing wipes. I indulged in the perfect foundation from Clinique (like, matched my ever-changing, African American, complexion exactly type of perfect) and 3 tubes of Butter London lipstick balms that I've used almost every day since.

The best part of going on these makeup shopping sprees is that when you're done you end up with an entirely different "look" than what you had with your old products, and in a way you feel like you've reinvented yourself. The subtle difference I noticed in the quality of my makeup purchases translated to the new makeup. The products I bought applied smoother and better than the ones I usually picked up from the discount bin so my overall "look" looked more professional and more put together and more mature.  I'm definitely digging this "New Me." It fits with everything that's going on in my personal life with me moving and going to college and all that jazz, but it also fits with my personality. Plus, it also makes me look great after I get ready everyday! ;)

Photo by Pearls and Pastries