Monday, May 4, 2015

How & Where To Get Your Hands On A 2016 Agenda

The 2016 Agenda is finnalllyyyy available and now it comes in 3 different prints and 2 different sizes! Here are the deets on what it'll be like from all the different shops selling the newest batch of agendas for pre-order: If you buy from directly shipping is a flat $5 dollar rate and will ship in the middle of May. If you purchase from one of their online wholesale dealers like Rachel George or Glam and Paper then you'll have to pay a little extra for shipping and get yours in mid-May, too, but as a bonus you'll be able to add in accessories and other office supplies from all the different brands the outside retailers carry. And if you wait till their available in-store from a local retailer (think: college book stores) then you can forgo the shipping costs, obviously, but will have to wait almost two months longer than your fellow enthusiasts to purchase an agenda. The website sells out the fastest so alternate retailers are a great option for those who are a little late to the party. Plus, you can put items on hold if you can't make a purchase at the very second the agendas become available and you won't have to miss out. Buying in store can be risky because quantities are unsure, but they're usually the last to sell out and are a safe plan if you know your favorite retailer will have a particular amount of stock available.

Hurry, hurry, hurry though because last year's agendas notoriously sold out super quick leaving without the amazing fun of a 2015 agenda.