Friday, May 29, 2015

5 Internet Posts I Loved This Week

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Daily posts mean weekly roundups which means even more internet love on A Glamorous Revelation. One of the best parts about running my own blog is sharing the hilarious, inspiring, ridiculous, and sometimes emotional things I find on the interwebs. I hope you enjoy this week's "Posts I Loved" roundup because there are many more to come. Have a fabulous weekend!

1) This tweet is hilarious because we all know that hot guy at the gym that is obviously way to shy to ask you out

2) Emily Schuman just wrote a blog post about the foodie version of Birchbox where you can get delicious, healthy snacks sent right to your door FOR FREE all through the month of June.

3) Summer playlists are inevitable so why not get a head start and add this one to your Spotify playlist queue before you leave for that Caribbean cruise, European tour, neighborhood pool party, or backyard bonfire.

4) Is this Ariel from The Little Mermaid or Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes in her newest outfit post??

5) Ever since my trip to NYC I've been obsessed with "vacation" blog posts and luckily these girls just came back from an exciting Palms Springs getaway and wrote a cute, mini guide for where to stay, eat, and shop while you're on vacation in Palms Springs.