Wednesday, May 27, 2015

3 New Releases You Need To Know via Instagram

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Ryan Porter, Packed Party, and Trust Fund Beauty all announced via Instagram that they're  releasing brand new products on each of their respective websites. Out of the blue, they all let us in on what's new in their warehouses and subsequently I fell in love. It's a classic case of you didn't know you needed it until you realized you didn't have. Ryan Porter now has the option to customize square beads with each bracelet even though up until earlier today I never knew I was unsatisfied with the singular option of round beads. Packed Party revamped its "You Pampered Thing, You" care package and loaded it with amazing Margot Elena products from Love + Toast and Library of Flowers. Every time any Packed Party package sells out, they Packed Party team reinvents the entire box and curates new products to put in the next batch, however this time You Pampered Thing, You is 10x better than it has ever been and might end up being my next purchase. Trust Fund Beauty stepped up its game as well and is expanding beyond just glamorous, rich girl nail lacquers into nail care products. Now you can buy mint-scented, vegan nail polish remover and nail cleansing wipes whenever you stop by the Trust Fund Beauty website to order yourself an array of luxe nail polishes.

*P.S. Packed Party is coming out with an entirely new mini packages veeerryy soon so keep your eyes peeled on Instagram and Twitter for the big announcement from @PackedParty!