I remember when I first started doing #TBH posts on Facebook way back when in my middle school days. I loved getting tons of "likes" on my status and going to everyone's page writing "To be honest..." and filling in whatever honest thing I had to say about them. It was a fun way to tell your friends how much you love 'em and an easy way to tell your enemies that they're not necessarily your favorite people in the world. Today I'm using #TBH to share my honest feelings about the things that everyone seems to love but I have less than favorable feelings for in short, sweet, to the point little tidbits.

1. I couldn't get hooked on the popular podcast Serial... Trust me, I tried.

2. Chipotle is soooo overrated. "Omigaawwdd, I don't love Chipotle!"

3. I hated Maybelline's Miss Manga mascara. Absolutely hated it.

4. Beyonce. Is. Not. God. (Seriously, calm down people.)

5. But Solange and her style are definitely under-appreciated.