Monday, April 13, 2015

IFB Links a la Mode: Finding Meaning In Fashion Blogging


Yay! I got chosen again for Independent Fashion Bloggers's Links a la Mode. This time around they have changed their HTML formatting so the links down below are black and grey rather than the pretty pastel-y pink that clickable links usually are on A Glamorous Revelation. You know the drill so just treat it the same as usual and if you see a post you like click on it to go directly to that blogger's website/article; no pink font needed :)

Finding Meaning in Fashion Blogging

This week, many IFB bloggers sought to go deeper than the #OOTD, with shout outs to philanthropic organizations including Scotty’s House and To Write Love on Her Arm—plus we heard some compelling personal stories. Other posts tackled diversity in magazines, the “new sexual revolution,” and older women’s right to wear leggings. On the lighter side, we have our fair (and necessary) share of fashion and beauty tips, trend pieces and news bites. All around, it’s a well-balanced collection of fashion blogger fare. I hope you enjoy! And if your post was chosen, please don’t forget to post the LALM roundup on your own blog (see instructions below)!

Links à la Mode: April 9