Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Fresh and Refresh

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First, let me introduce you to the phenomenon that is liquid lotion.  Shiseido's hydro-balancing facial softener comes in a sleek, hourglass shaped, white transparent bottle so it's not hard to see that what's inside is looks almost identical to water. As I pop off the cap and squirt 2 pumps into my hand, I wonder if in fact it is water because it pools in my palm just like water would...Buuuttttt then the softener starts to work its magic once I smear it onto my face. It applies just like any facial moisturizer would -- rub hands together and distribute onto all areas of face -- but what happens next is what makes Shiseido one of my all-time favorite beauty brands. As it sinks into your skin to hydrate and balance (which studies have shown serve as aging prevention and contribute to longer lasting "young" looking skin) it moisturizing you face from the inside out. Within just a couple of minutes you face feels soft and hydrated and looks glowing and smooth. You don't have to dry your face off with a towel or rinse off the product because Shiseido's liquid formula acts just like cream moisturizer.

Second, let's discuss why I would pay a small fortune for a glorified bottle of water. The product is named "Refreshing Cleansing Water." However, the one thing I've learned from Shiseido is that names can be misleading (as in "hydro-balancing softener" actually means amazing liquid lotion). Shiseido's  refreshing cleansing water is a mix between a toner and a cleanser. Like the hydro-balancing softener, this cleanser comes in an almost water-like consistency. The directions say to squirt 1-3 pumps onto a cotton pad and apply to face, but I prefer to treat it as a true cleanser and apply it to my face with my hands as I wash my face. After using it for just three week two times a day, I can already see a noticeable difference in the quality of my skin and the residue that is left behind on my face towel after my morning and night routines. Better skin = less blemishes = less scarring = prettier skin. It's a win-win-win-win!

If you're like me the sticker value of both the softener and cleanser is enough to make everything I just said irrelevant, but my little secret to getting all of the Shiseido my heart desires without going broke is heading to TJ Maxx and searching their skincare selection for their luxe products. Everything is pretty much half the price and has just as much quality as the bottles directly form Win-win for you, too!