Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Why I'm Tired Of Hearing "The French Do It Better"

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If you're French and you're reading this I'm not sorry. You're probably a great person and you probably have great style that always looks effortless, but I love the American way of doing things. There's this idea out there that compared to the French, Americans are always a day late and a dollar short when it comes to what the eat, how they raise their kids, what they do in their spare time, and most definitely the way they dress. I appreciate the minimalistic, glamorous style that is associated with the French, but I also love the over-the-top, outgoing nature of American style. I don't want to take one accessory off before I leave my house -- I want to add two more. Mixing patterns and loud prints makes me feel young and unique. Breton tops and red lipstick are fashionable in their own right, but they don't make me feel special. A while back I read an article about a book written by a woman who lived in France for a year and wanted to document all the things she "learned" from the French. However, in the comments section a French woman stated that everything she listed and wrote about isn't unique to the French and isn't even ubiquitous in France. The idea that all French do certain things and dress a certain way that no other country does really turned this French woman off. So what has made us to hold the French in such high esteem? What have they done to deserve such a pedestal? I love the idea of  France and the French (as I have not been to France so I can only love the idea of them rather than they themselves) and consider myself a Francophile, but I honestly don't think they are better than America/Americans in every way possible as some are lead to believe. For every French inspired thing I want to do, there is an American styled piece I want to indulge in. Give the American way of doing things a little bit of love and please, I beg of you, stop saying "the French do it better."