Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Prism by K.P.

katy perry, claires, claire's, prism, concert, collection, holographic notebook, kate spade
For any of you above the age of 10 I don't expect you to have any idea that Katy Perry came out with an exclusive collection of "Katy Perry Approved Concert Ready Accessories and Apparel" at Claire's approximately six months ago. I'm not an avid patron of Claire's, but the past few times I've stopped by their stores I've been excited to see the Katy Perry collection pieces they have on sale. During my last trip I purchased a set of cat silhouette and pearl embellished bobbi pins, a black and silver diamond patterned backpack, and my absolute favorite from the haul, these two holographic journals. I am obsessed with collecting journals and I write so many things down throughout the day that I tend to keep a back stock of journals and notebooks just in case I suddenly run out of paper in the ones I'm using. Now I'm not saying to go out and run to the nearest Claire's to buy their entire stock of wearable and surprisingly non-childish Katy Perry collection accessories. But I am saying that almost everything from the original Katy Perry x Claire's "Prism" collection is only $2 so spend that loose change that's laying around your house wisely because it could buy you an awesome notebook and some super cute bobbi pins.