Monday, March 2, 2015

"Bon Anniversaire!" Giveaway Update

a snapshot from @atsuyo of one of my first giveaway packages:)

Just a little heads up for all of you Glamour Girls still waiting for the A Glamorous Revelation One Year Anniversary Giveaway, a little bad news and a little good news is coming your way:

      Unfortunately, there's been a little hold up and a few mix ups with many of the giveaway gifts I ordered around Christmas. Snow-mageddon hit a lot of small businesses pretty hard and with all of the technical complications I've been having to deal with I've decided to change things up. The One Year Anniversary Giveaway will now be the Summer Lovin' giveaway! I plan to hold the "new" giveaway near the Summer Solstice so celebrate the beginning of the most care free and happy-go-lucky season there is. The wait will be longer, obviously, but the wait will be worth it since I'm using the extra time to add even more items to the bundle of fun and hoping to partner with a few other bloggers to make this giveaway 10x better than it could have ever been in January.

But to hold you over till then here are a few of the items I've gotten so far that you'll have a chance to win in June: a Pearls and Pastries sequin hanger from the Cotton Candy Collection, a Rebecca Minkoff iPhone case, the ever-so-popular "Retail Therapy" wallet, and an array of beauty and skincare products (some of which may or may not be from Burberry:)) so keep your eyes peeled!