Monday, February 16, 2015

Love + Life + School

I'm going to be honest, maintaining A Glamorous Revelation and all of its various outlets has been the least of my concerns the past couple of weeks. I barely post on Instagram anymore, Twitter seems to be a foreign concept to me, and Lord knows how many unread poss have piled up in my Bloglovin' feed. Ever since my iPhone decided to start malfunctioning again two months ago, it has seemed like I'm constantly scrambling to pull out my laptop, set up shop, and do what I gotta do to keep this blog going. Hopefully I won't feel this way much longer and AGR will be back to its former glory soon. Until then, here are a few little updates about the life of yours truly!

Google+ does these auto awesome photos where they create these awesome GIFs with pictures you've uploaded and taken in sequence. When I went out and bore the cold this weekend in my Valentine's Day outfit, red sequin crop top and faux leather pleated skirt with lace-up wedges, and my collection of heart balloons some of the pictures were made into this fab GIF clip :)

The best part about the last several weeks is that all of my senior year college stuff is wrapping up and I've been accepted to three of the four schools I applied to (I hear from school #4 next month *fingers crossed*) and am super proud of it. I've already unofficially decided on school #3 and can't wait to be a a college student, but I'm toying with the idea of sharing the school I attend during the four years I'm there. I've kept the name of my current (and past) cities off of this blog since they are relatively small and I'm still in high school, so it seemed like an obvious choice. But I'll be moving to a major city which will definitely influence the content on this blog (you'll see come August/September/October ;)) and I'm really proud of the school I plan to attend. It seems kind of wrong to hide such a significant part of who I am and who I'll become, but I also don't want to jeopardize my safety. Darn you, internet creeps, that make life so difficult! Let me know what you think, pleeaassee! I want to hear from my fellow blog writers and readers about this particular matter so please please please pipe up.

Oh, and I haven't forgotten about that giveaway I promised you all! I'm still working out the shipping details from one of the brands and items that I'll be giving away. Then I'll finalize all of the details so stay tuned :)