Monday, February 2, 2015

Love That Is Not Madness Is Not Love

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cards (L-R): Love Letter One, Love Letter Three c/o, Love Letter Two c/o

T-twelve days until Valentine's Day. It seems to be that Valentine's Day is either a "holiday" you love or you hate. I'm not in a relationship and don't have anyone special I'm planning to spend the day with, but it's still a great day to watch sappy movies, eat TONS of candy and send pretty little cards to everyone you love. A venture away from the cheap little folding cards I loved to give in elementary school, this year I'm all about the Daydream Prints Love Letter collection of greeting cards. Love Letter One "I Love You Not Only For What..." is my absolute favorite of the three. I bought it way back when in the beginning of October, too excited to wait until February to order Valentine's Day themed cards. It ended up becoming one of my favorites in my entire stationery collection. Soon after Krystie, the mastermind behind all of Daydream Prints's amazing designs, sent me the rest of the Love Letter collection as a little thank you and, naturally, I fell in love with Love Letter Two and Love Letter Three almost as much as I fell for Love Letter One. Now here I am with three "love letters" and so many lovely people I know to send them too. On your expedition around the Daydream Prints website, I suggest buying more than one of each Valentine card since not only are there so many people to send little love notes too, but each card is oh so very pretty that I'm debating not even sending any of them so I can keep them all for myself. I have a bad habit of buying gifts and keeping them for myself and I'm afraid that will end up being the case this Valentine's Day. But now that I've said that I kind of have to send them since my intentions are now out in the open and can't be stuffed back into my head and claimed as "a last minute decision". Who to send each card to shouldn't be incredibly easy, though, because a little craziness never came easy and like they always say, "Love that is not madness is not love.