Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I was THAT girl

jacket: Cynthia Rowley; skirt: *local boutique; top: Rue 21;
scarf: some random beauty store, but you could probably find similar styles anywhere;
heeled boots: Wal-mart

So I'm going to apologize in advance for the slightly horrific quality of photos. But honestly, I was running around in the snow so what kind of quality photo do you expect?!?

Not too long ago I read a hilarious post on HUNT & HARVEST about *those fashion bloggers* who wear short skirts and three inch heels in the dead of winter despite the undeniable cold (heeeellloooo, snow-mageddon!) and the hardly practical (as in, entirely impractical) slates of ice and snow everywhere. But, you see, the paradox of cold weather is that I dress in less clothing because I'm going to be staying indoors where I am protected from the harsh realities of winter. I didn't care a thing about it until it started snowing right in the middle of my TV time and I decided to go outside and rough around in the snow with my brothers.


Well not entirely, since I guess I just have really great insulation because I wasn't that cold and my really warm but slightly uncomfortable jacket was over my shoulders. Oh yeah, and I had on a scarf. And a head full of hair (you wouldn't imagine how much colder it is without my extensions). But I did feel a little dumb prancing around in a leather mini skirt and cotton cropped top when it was 14 degrees outside and SNOWING. Nonetheless, I actually really liked my outfit despite the impracticalities of it all. The first coat hanging in the coat closet just happened to be this magenta Cynthia Rowley piece (that I got for an ah-mazing price! less than $20 on a 80% sale, I think) and the plaid scarf that just happened to be laying on my dining table conveniently matched my skirt and coat exactly.

I hear you, though, Olivia. We unreasonably clothed women need to be stopped. Winter is stupid. My outfit, among so many other fashion blogger OOTD  style posts are rather annoying. I know, I know. But. i. just. can't. help. it.