Wednesday, February 25, 2015

12 Internet Posts I Loved This Month

Tutu skirt

February in review, segmented from the "world wide web."

Refinery29 because Phillip Picardi documenting a less-is-more beauty/health routine is absolutely GREAT... and because he says this mid article: "Do you know what 25 minutes of walking down the street while listening to Beyonce does to your confidence? EVERYTHING, that's what it does."

Instagram because who knew Barbie's personal Insta feed was so stylish.

This Is Colossal because this mummy/statue is super cool.

Pinterest because these room decorating  tips are one of the only things I've Pinned on Pinterest for the link & not just the pretty picture.

Pinterest, again, because this really is just a pretty picture + Ashley Tisdale has great hair :)

Cupcakes and Cashmere because every woman should know how to take care of her favortie, expensive shoes and handbags.

These Instagram pics from @cabarbieprincess & @emmaroberts because I am IN LOVE with their outfits:

The Man Repeller because the comments section is always 100x better than the article itself when it comes to "confessions".

The Man Repeller, again, because as someone who's never had a bikini wax and loves written comedy this article seems essential, even if it was technically written in the middle of January.

Keiko Lynn because this photo is just that cute.

The Bicyclette Blog because I really want to try a juice cleanse.

And this because Twitter is high-larious

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