Friday, January 9, 2015

Party Of One: Packed Party "Happy Holidaze"

packed party, packedparty, betches, happy holidaze, review, fatty sundays, chocolate covered pretzels, fancy, gold bangle
packed party, packedparty, betches, happy holidaze, review, fatty sundays, chocolate covered pretzels, fancy, gold bangle

I loved Packed Party. You know what, I love Packed Party. Let's keep it in the present tense since the concept of these glamorous, well-curated, handcrafted care packages is still something that I love and want to be a part of (read Jordan's, Packed Party's founder, interview for A Glamorous Revelation here!) . But I will say, the Happy Holidaze package I gifted myself for Christmas fell short of its expected glory. I've encouraged you all to buy a package or two for you or a friend, and even now I still think Packed Party is a fabulous gift idea (just not the particular Happy Holidaze package), but I feel it's important that I'm honest with you guys about my first ever Packed Party purchase. Not every brand I feature on A Glamorous Revelation will be one that I've purchased from or received a gift from because, quite frankly, that would cost a TON of money. I don't have to test out every single product I ever mention on AGR or suggest you to try. But I want to make sure that all of you have a little heads up on my Packed Party package so you can pick which one you want wisely. So without further ado:

The best part of the Happy Holidaze Packed Party is most definitely the Finding Ferdinand custom lipstick. I've wanted to experiment with Finding Ferdinand for months so once I discovered the first batch of packages came with a voucher to receive a free starter kit with a custom tube of lipstick I freaked out. However, I was told I would receive a coupon code within 24hrs via email to order my starter kit, and it did not come in my inbox until 4 days after I had requested it. Finding Ferdinand has been swamped with orders so I totally understand the delay, but promising a certain time frame and not following it is not cool. Fortunately Finding Ferdinand's Instagram feed has been filled with updates for when the coupon codes and starter kits will be sent out and sending reminders and updates on shipping stats via email, but I would have loved it a whole lot more if I wasn't expecting to receive my package so soon.

So far the "So Fancy" bangle has been great and I've been using the S.W. Basics cream on my face every morning after I get out of the shower. It goes on a little oily for my liking and the non-artificially scented formula reminds me of cake/pancake batter, but the overall effect is much better than so many of the store bought creams I've had in the past. The real downfall of Happy Holidaze is the "Can You Not" hat that feels and fits more like an ill-shaped sock than a hipster beanie and the Fatty Sundays pretzels that were not nearly as sweet and sugary as I expected coming from chocolate covered pretzels bedecked in giant silver sprinkles. I would not be surprised that after a dozen or so wears my "Can You Not" beanie will be too wide and too loose to fit the shape of my head, which really sucks since I LOVE beanies and was looking forward to having a go-to casual hat.


  1. Hi Munachi!

    This is Nhu, the founder of Finding Ferdinand. I wanted to drop a note to apologize for the delay on the Finding Ferdinand Starter Kit. All shipments have been sent out, and I hope that you enjoy Starter Kit along with creating your own lipstick color! As always, I want to make sure that every customer knows that they are highly valued, so feel free to drop me a note to my email if there are any questions or concerns:

    1. Hi Nhu, I REALLY appreciate you taking the time to comment on my blog. I'm so excited that the Starter Kits have been shipped because I am super excited to finally get to try Finding Ferdinand! I have been really impressed with your customer service and how you've shared so much of the behind the scenes stuff with your fans and customers on social media and your blog. I've added a little piece into this post so that I make sure my readers understand exactly the situation/how I feel about the Starter Kits in the Packed Party package and clear up any confusion.

      Thanks again and I will definitely be sending you an email soon just to say a little hello :) No questions or concerns on my end -- apart from the delayed order timing, I've been a happy customer.



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