Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year Resolutions: 2015

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My first ever blog post was the very first day of 2014 and I wrote about my New Year Resolutions. I stuck with the "short and sweet" type of list and accomplished all of them: Get organized, Do things I love more often, and Let go and let God. My list was definitely a cop-out since it was really more of a lifestyle change than a list of things "to do," but nonetheless, I'm proud of everything that came out of my sticking with my resolutions. Since then I've created an unhealthy amount of other bucket lists (like my blogger confessions goal list in July) and am excited to say that I accomplished a lot of what was on those lists. I reached 20k (and definitely passed!) all time views by the end of 2014, featured a guest blogger whose post was absolutely amazing, hosted a successful giveaway, and learned how to streamline my links page (i.e. get rid of it all together). Now it's time for this years New Year Resolutions! Since I'm still in the middle of my 101 in 1001, I'll be keeping track of this resolutions on top of the 101 things I'm already supposed to be doing and accomplishing. Share your new year resolutions in the comments below and inspire others to resolve to do things they'll probably never do. I might even add a few of them to my list :)

1.  Seize the day
2. Be more social
3. Don't bite of more than I can chew
4. Learn to cook a new dish
5. Get involved with/in a physical activity I like
6. Try a cleanse... Juice, spiritual, style, or whatever else may interest me
7. Make a new friend
8. Live and love