Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Carnival Colors & Glitter

watercolor art by Ashley Barlow

I write a blog about online shopping, small businesses and independently owned brands, glamorous things I find around the web, and a little bit of my personal style/life. This post doesn't fit into any of the aforementioned categories other than the fact that Ashley Barlow is a creative genius who sells and shares her artwork on her Etsy shop and blog... And that these pieces of art can, in some kind of way, be used to describe my twistedly Glamorous life as of right now. So if you finish reading this short little article and wonder, "What have I just read??" don't stress because the only real takeaway from all of this is the beauty in Ashley Barlow's mini masterpieces :)

Lately, I've been loving crazy carni people and the idea of vintage funfairs. I have this vision of these old time carnivals being filled with the best memories and the "let loose, be free" mentality. My ideal fun night at a carnival is a far cry from the psychotic, unappealing atmosphere in American Horror Story: Freak Show. These watercolor designs by Ashley Barlow make me feel like I am, for just s fraction of a second, part of the tight-knit group of carni people. The glittery globs and polka dots are just a few things that are signs of a Glamorous life. Plus, watercolors have been and will probably always be one of my favorite mediums of art. I am no master of interpreting art, so I can't say for sure the Ashley ever thought of circuses and carni people when she created this piece. It's a mystery to me how one becomes part of a carnival or circus, but I can only imagine that once you become part of such a niche lifestyle you are no longer part of the real world. Instead, you are a member of a crazy cool family that juggles bowling pins, sells snow cones, and wrestles tigers.

Here's to an active imagination!