Monday, January 26, 2015

T.Swift and Adele

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photos: Taylor Swift 1989 album; perfume: Callio Fragrance "Adele" c/o

When I think of summer I think of spontaneity, fun, breezy, and adventure whereas when I think of winter nostalgia, calm, indulge, and soulful come to mind, which is why I think I've been in love with Taylor Swift's new album and Callio Fragrance's perfume, Adele. 1989 takes me back to the days when I burned dozens of CDs and played my favorite songs on repeat; the first track, Welcome To New York, reminds me of my adolescent fantasies of wondering the Big Apple. The Polaroid inspired photos within the sleeve of each 1989 CD makes it obvious that it's supposed to have a reminiscent feel and each song should make you think of a memory, good or bad,. But it's Taylor Swift, for crying out loud, and I didn't expect songs about boys and red lipstick to actually make me stop and smile when thinking about yesteryears.

The same thing goes for Adele. By pure nature of the word "familiar" it doesn't make much sense for my newest perfume to smell like a treasured memory. After just two months of using Adele, the scent makes me feel like I'm in my comfort zone. An odd feeling since I've used perfumes for months, years even, and haven't had quite the same feeling after all that time. Even Kiele, my second Callio Fragrance perfume, doesn't give me the feeling of bringing back memories the way Adele seems to. Any time I'm feeling nervous (which there's been a lot of lately with all of the college admissions hoopla going on) a little spritz of Adele and nothing feels like it hasn't or can't be done because I've already accomplishes it before. Like I said, as if everything is so familiar. Maybe it's the blackberry in the fragrance mixture or the floral notes layered into the scent, but whatever it is it has made getting through this gloomy winter almooosst a breeze.