Friday, January 30, 2015

A Bicyclette Boutique Finale

Bicylette and I have become fast friends and it makes me incredibly sad to know that the Bicyclette brick-and-mortar boutique will be closing its doors on Queen Street West in Toronto. I have no plans to visit Canada in the near future nor did I truly believe I would ever get the opportunity to see the beautiful display tables and racks of clothing that fill the boutique in person. It was just a dream -- a wish, if you will, to one day be able to walk down Queen Street West, step into Bicyclette, and go on an insane shopping spree with one of my best friends. From all of the times I have browsed the Bicyclette website, watched the Bicyclette vimeo videos, and read through archives of the Bicyclette blog, I feel as though I was part of the community of women who walked through the physical doors of the Toronto boutique. So many of the brands I am bound to only purchase online -- Jordan de Ruiter, Trust Fund Beauty, Wildfox Couture -- are within the four walls and under the one roof of Bicyclette Boutique. I sit here today, daydreaming about a building I have never even been to and a shop that I discovered only 6 months ago. Still, I feel like I've been part of it since the beginning. This post is a farewell, just as the one Paige published on the Bicyclette blog a little over two months ago, but I decided to wait until the time had actually come for Bicyclette to leave. However, this post is more than just reminiscent; it's also an ode to Bicyclette's finale. Season finale, that is, because this by no means is this the end of Bicyclette Boutique.

Farewell, BB. I hope all is well that ends well. xo M

Photo by Bicyclette

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

8 Blog Posts I Loved This Month

January has FLOWN by and I can't say I'm sad to see it go. The few days of spring weather were more than welcome, but the frigid temps and lack of sunshine made the rest of the days less than favorable. I can already feel that 2015 is going to speed by so I might as well strap in now and hold on tight for the rest of the whirlwind ride. Though things have been pretty lax for me in the blogging world, I spent a little time reading up on some of my favorite blogs and catching up (well, sort of) with a few long lost blogging gems *cough cough, Fashion Indie... Refinery29*. Here are eight of my favorite blog posts from the month of January.

Opal Winter White Nails (Loser Girl Wins)

Pearls and Pastries Instagram Highlights (Pearls and Pastries Blog)

Monday, January 26, 2015

T.Swift and Adele

callio fragrance, adele, perfume, taylor swift, 1989, blank space, welcome to new york,  small business, independently owned, review
photos: Taylor Swift 1989 album; perfume: Callio Fragrance "Adele" c/o

When I think of summer I think of spontaneity, fun, breezy, and adventure whereas when I think of winter nostalgia, calm, indulge, and soulful come to mind, which is why I think I've been in love with Taylor Swift's new album and Callio Fragrance's perfume, Adele. 1989 takes me back to the days when I burned dozens of CDs and played my favorite songs on repeat; the first track, Welcome To New York, reminds me of my adolescent fantasies of wondering the Big Apple. The Polaroid inspired photos within the sleeve of each 1989 CD makes it obvious that it's supposed to have a reminiscent feel and each song should make you think of a memory, good or bad,. But it's Taylor Swift, for crying out loud, and I didn't expect songs about boys and red lipstick to actually make me stop and smile when thinking about yesteryears.

The same thing goes for Adele. By pure nature of the word "familiar" it doesn't make much sense for my newest perfume to smell like a treasured memory. After just two months of using Adele, the scent makes me feel like I'm in my comfort zone. An odd feeling since I've used perfumes for months, years even, and haven't had quite the same feeling after all that time. Even Kiele, my second Callio Fragrance perfume, doesn't give me the feeling of bringing back memories the way Adele seems to. Any time I'm feeling nervous (which there's been a lot of lately with all of the college admissions hoopla going on) a little spritz of Adele and nothing feels like it hasn't or can't be done because I've already accomplishes it before. Like I said, as if everything is so familiar. Maybe it's the blackberry in the fragrance mixture or the floral notes layered into the scent, but whatever it is it has made getting through this gloomy winter almooosst a breeze.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Transparent - Mozart - Betas

This winter I have periodically stationed myself on the couch in my living room and watched back to back episodes of several different shows on Amazon Prime. Some were shows that have been around for years, others were newer and less well know, and some were Amazon originals that were produced by Amazon and available exclusively on Amazon Prime Instant Video Streaming. This past weekend I finally finished Transparent, a compelling story about a 60-something year old man who comes out as trans and his eclectic and conflicted family.The interweaving story lines and superb (oh wow. Did I really just say superb?) acting were absolutely worthy of their Golden Globe recognition. Without a doubt, Transparent was the best show I've watched on Amazon this season! 

Runner up on my list is Mozart In The Jungle, a slower paced story about the New York Symphony and its new, eccentric conductor who dares to change things up and defy tradition. As someone who enjoys classical music outside of stage productions, there maayyy be a little bias since conversations about oboes, crescendo, and the like are scattered throughout each episode. Nonetheless, the story of a struggling musician, regardless of the genre, in New York City and a feisty, Latin man putting all of the traditionalist, rich, classical-music-loving, white people's panties in a bunch is one to watch.

Similar to a "beach read" in literature, Betas, another Amazon original series, is a lighthearted comedy about a handful of nerds trying to launch their app and make it big in the tech industry. From womanizing man child to socially challenged recluse, the range of nerdiness within their friend group makes me laugh every time they hit a speed bump on their road to success. Of course there's the resident "hot girl love interest" who seems pretty stereotypical until she finally gets an episode where it's not all about her love interest or web design abilities. The icing on the cake: Madeline Zima has a recurring role as a well known blogger so any of you The Nanny fans, hold on to your seat because little Gracie is all grown up!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

#FFgirl Starter Kit

finding ferdinand, custom lipstick, starter kit, ffgirl, ffstarterkit, indie beauty, products, independent, makeup, lippies, made in ny, new york, made in the us, usa, nhu, packed party, happy holidaze
finding ferdinand, custom lipstick, starter kit, ffgirl, ffstarterkit, indie beauty, products, independent, makeup, lippies, made in ny, new york, made in the us, usa, nhu, packed party, happy holidaze
finding ferdinand, custom lipstick, starter kit, ffgirl, ffstarterkit, indie beauty, products, independent, makeup, lippies, made in ny, new york, made in the us, usa, nhu, packed party, happy holidaze

I am fangirl-ing right now as I smear on shade after shade of Finding Ferdinand lipstick from my Starter Kit lipstick palette. You all remember me mentioning the package I was expecting from Finding Ferdinand in my Packed Party Happy Holidaze update and I finally received my Starter Kit in the mail this past weekend. So far I've tried 4 different lipstick combos. I started the first mixture with the intention of making a deep purple shade but ended up mixing together a slightly pink, mauve lipstick color that I loved. The second combo is my favorite so far; a reddish, orange-y mix that had just enough glitter to make it seem fun and casual but not too much to make it seem costume-y and childish. As someone who almost only wears what I like to call Nicki Minaj pink lip color, experimenting with purples and oranges turned out to be more fun than I thought. I expected to end up creating a custom shade of light pink lipstick that I'd be able to wear every day, but with just a few days with my Starter Kit who knows what I'll end up picking. My third and fourth colors were part of a two tone, trendy look I tried to create in Valentine's Day inspired shades. My top lip sported a medium red with hints of pink and my bottom lip was covered in a mix of magenta, hot pink, mauve, and little bit of orange. It turned out just as cool as I thought it would and now I'm actually considering wearing it on February 14th. Beyond, lipstick shades and color combinations, thought, here are a few quick notes for those of you who are having a hayday with your Starter Kits too or are planning to buy one soon:

Pro - trust Nhu, the founder of Finding Ferdinand, when she says these are highly pigmented! The color is strong without being thick and can last a long time (like, I slept in it Sunday night and woke up with it still on my lips Monday morning-type of long time.)

Pro - the quality of the lipstick is great. The creaminess of all the colors and the softness in the texture makes it feel like you're coating your lips in a delicate layer of lipstick rather than caking it on, even after you've mixed 10 different layers onto your pout. 

Con - I used the two lightest shades in the palette to lighten some of the color mixes I made, but since there wasn't any really dark, neutral color there wasn't really anything to darken a shade without changing its color. Maybe a black pot in the palette would have helped with this but the thought of black lipstick kind of scares me.

As a little side note: I never used the two empty paint pots on either side of the bottom row that were intended for mixing the colors and creating custom shades. They were absolutely useless to me so I did all of mixing on my actual lips and cleaned the lipstick brush on a napkin. It was more convenient that way and it turned out to be a really good alternative strategy.

Monday, January 19, 2015

new BAN.DO releases coming VERY, VERY soon!

shopbando, bando,, new releases, collection, limited edition, kittens get thirsty too, watermelon duffel, heart printed duffel bag, tumbler, kittens, popup shop, pop up, girlgang, girl gang, sold out
shopbando, bando,, new releases, collection, limited edition, kittens get thirsty too, watermelon duffel, heart printed duffel bag, tumbler, kittens, popup shop, pop up, girlgang, girl gang, sold out
shopbando, bando,, new releases, collection, limited edition, kittens get thirsty too, watermelon duffel, heart printed duffel bag, tumbler, kittens, popup shop, pop up, girlgang, girl gang, sold out
shopbando, bando,, new releases, collection, limited edition, kittens get thirsty too, watermelon duffel, heart printed duffel bag, tumbler, kittens, popup shop, pop up, girlgang, girl gang, sold out

Extra, Extra, read all about it! Earlier today confirmed the rumor flying around that the girlgang is releasing another collection. I spend the occasion Sunday afternoon scrolling through @ShopBando's mentions (i.e. the "Photos Of [insert account name here] tab) so this announcement didn't come as a complete surprise since a few of the pictures hinted at a few new pieces. I will admit, though, that I wasn't expecting it to happen so soon. I was planning a big spree for the beginning of spring since that's when I expected the collection to release and I did freak out juuusstt a little bit when I was put on the spot with the 24 hour notice announcement.

Th best part of's new collection is really the fact that even though they announced it would be released tomorrow, when I visited the website a few hours ago to "pre-shop" I happened upon the new pieces. Frazzle dazzled, I added sooo many things to my cart only to have to go back and take most of them out when I saw the subtotal. I ended up getting the OMG flair pack of pins, the Fleurs Bonbons Champagne striped tote bag, and the Kittens Get Thirsty Too tumbler. I was super disappointed when the heart printed duffel bag I was looking forward to buying ended up being $54 and the incredibly cute peek-a-boo lilac and pink clutch turned out to be $24. And for any of you hoping to get your hands on the watermelon bag pictured above, just know that it's actually an insulated cooler that you can carry food and drinks in on spontaneous trips to the beach (...or country club pool) and semi-low key house parties (...or girls nights in). NOT a really cool and totally girlgang worthy carryall/duffel bag. Which, you can tell, was a little disappointing to me since I was kind of planning to get one for a few of my weekend trips. So what are you waiting for?!?! Get your butt over to has a history of selling out reeaally fast and not restocking their limited edition collections so act fast, honey buns!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Who, What, WORN

Issue No. 13, worn magazine, independent magazine, fashion journal, canada, wornette
Issue No. 9, worn magazine, independent magazine, fashion journal, canada, wornette
Issue No. 12, worn magazine, independent magazine, fashion journal, canada, wornette
Issue No. 18 - The UnderWORN Issue, worn magazine, independent magazine, fashion journal, canada, wornette
Issue No. 14, worn magazine, independent magazine, fashion journal, canada, wornette

Who: Worn Fashion Journal

What: an indie magazine that covers a little bit of fashion, a lot about life, pieces of entertainment, and everything else a Wornette could possibly want.

Worn Magazine: With just a couple of short months left until Worn is done for good, I'm here to share a little about a magazine that never wanted to be defined by advertisers and always wanted to support and represent its readers. Knowing that no matter what we do as customers and loyal fans, every independent brand we love will be in a constant battle with "The Big Dogs" is a difficult concept to accept. So many cute, little boutique and quirky, unique shop owners are being forced to forfeit their dreams because the major names in the retail (yes, I'm talking to you Nordstrom, and you H&M, and you Target, and most definitely you, Forever 21) and magazine industry are pushing them out. Worn Magazine announced that it had released its last issue in December and all back issues still in stock would be available on their website and Etsy shop. I haven't had the opportunity quite yet to purchase any full issues of Worn (unfortunately their international shipping is through the roof!), but I have my hopes on getting about a half dozen copies before Worn's very last days. Previews and snippets from most issues of Worn can be found on their website so if you've never bought an indie magazine or want to check out exactly what's in Worn before you buy an issue or two (or three... or four...) you can take a peak here. Support a cause worth being a part of and shop independent, local, and/or ethically sourced brands; whichever suits your fancy.

Photos by Worn from

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My Little Obsession: @amberibarreche


In 10 words or less Amber Ibarreche can make your day and light up your Instagram feed. Thanks to the ever so wonderful "Explore" section of Insta @amberibarreche's posts have been put on my radar several times. Simple yet seriously funny, I've stolen a handful of her creations and posted them on both my personal and professional Instagram pages. These tidbits of humor and advice are truly a little obsession since they are simply a few words printed onto a solid background with the occasion illustration. Nonetheless, I'm obsessed with moon jokes and organic insanity and the powerful quote "I'd rather go too far than no where at all." Show Amber a some love and follow her on Instagram at @amberibarreche and get a dose of coolness for yourself.

Photos from Instagram

Monday, January 12, 2015

IFB Links a la Mode: In With The New

It's been a while since I submitted a post to Independent Fashion Bloggers links a la mode, so I'm super happy that my first time back on the pony my article about my favorite blogs and blog posts from 2014 was selected. Each of the 41 blogs and blog posts is separated into a particular category: controversial, humorous, thought provoking, style/ootd, and randomly great miscellaneous. You can find a link to it on the top of IFB's links a a mode below or check in my archives from December/January. And while you're at it, take a peak at some of the other great bloggers who had their articles selected for links a la mode this time around as well.


In With The New

How's your first week of 2015 going? The first week back to work, still bulging from the holidays? Hitting the January Sales like there's no tomorrow? Cleaning out your closet? Planning your life for the next year? Even though it's just another day like any other, the turn of a new year brings up so many things for everyone. What are you discarding? What do you want to bring in?

Links à la Mode: January 8th

SPONSOR: East Dane Bellroy, 2xH, Ten C, Y-3, Lisa Maree, Tigerlily swim, Preen Line, Valia Gabriel, Fendi, Tory Sale & Nixon Watches

Want to be featured in Links à la Mode?

1. Read the clarified rules and submit your links on this page: Links à la Mode.
2. If your link was selected and you need this week’s code, visit this page: Links à la Mode Code.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Party Of One: Packed Party "Happy Holidaze"

packed party, packedparty, betches, happy holidaze, review, fatty sundays, chocolate covered pretzels, fancy, gold bangle
packed party, packedparty, betches, happy holidaze, review, fatty sundays, chocolate covered pretzels, fancy, gold bangle

I loved Packed Party. You know what, I love Packed Party. Let's keep it in the present tense since the concept of these glamorous, well-curated, handcrafted care packages is still something that I love and want to be a part of (read Jordan's, Packed Party's founder, interview for A Glamorous Revelation here!) . But I will say, the Happy Holidaze package I gifted myself for Christmas fell short of its expected glory. I've encouraged you all to buy a package or two for you or a friend, and even now I still think Packed Party is a fabulous gift idea (just not the particular Happy Holidaze package), but I feel it's important that I'm honest with you guys about my first ever Packed Party purchase. Not every brand I feature on A Glamorous Revelation will be one that I've purchased from or received a gift from because, quite frankly, that would cost a TON of money. I don't have to test out every single product I ever mention on AGR or suggest you to try. But I want to make sure that all of you have a little heads up on my Packed Party package so you can pick which one you want wisely. So without further ado:

The best part of the Happy Holidaze Packed Party is most definitely the Finding Ferdinand custom lipstick. I've wanted to experiment with Finding Ferdinand for months so once I discovered the first batch of packages came with a voucher to receive a free starter kit with a custom tube of lipstick I freaked out. However, I was told I would receive a coupon code within 24hrs via email to order my starter kit, and it did not come in my inbox until 4 days after I had requested it. Finding Ferdinand has been swamped with orders so I totally understand the delay, but promising a certain time frame and not following it is not cool. Fortunately Finding Ferdinand's Instagram feed has been filled with updates for when the coupon codes and starter kits will be sent out and sending reminders and updates on shipping stats via email, but I would have loved it a whole lot more if I wasn't expecting to receive my package so soon.

So far the "So Fancy" bangle has been great and I've been using the S.W. Basics cream on my face every morning after I get out of the shower. It goes on a little oily for my liking and the non-artificially scented formula reminds me of cake/pancake batter, but the overall effect is much better than so many of the store bought creams I've had in the past. The real downfall of Happy Holidaze is the "Can You Not" hat that feels and fits more like an ill-shaped sock than a hipster beanie and the Fatty Sundays pretzels that were not nearly as sweet and sugary as I expected coming from chocolate covered pretzels bedecked in giant silver sprinkles. I would not be surprised that after a dozen or so wears my "Can You Not" beanie will be too wide and too loose to fit the shape of my head, which really sucks since I LOVE beanies and was looking forward to having a go-to casual hat.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Carnival Colors & Glitter

watercolor art by Ashley Barlow

I write a blog about online shopping, small businesses and independently owned brands, glamorous things I find around the web, and a little bit of my personal style/life. This post doesn't fit into any of the aforementioned categories other than the fact that Ashley Barlow is a creative genius who sells and shares her artwork on her Etsy shop and blog... And that these pieces of art can, in some kind of way, be used to describe my twistedly Glamorous life as of right now. So if you finish reading this short little article and wonder, "What have I just read??" don't stress because the only real takeaway from all of this is the beauty in Ashley Barlow's mini masterpieces :)

Lately, I've been loving crazy carni people and the idea of vintage funfairs. I have this vision of these old time carnivals being filled with the best memories and the "let loose, be free" mentality. My ideal fun night at a carnival is a far cry from the psychotic, unappealing atmosphere in American Horror Story: Freak Show. These watercolor designs by Ashley Barlow make me feel like I am, for just s fraction of a second, part of the tight-knit group of carni people. The glittery globs and polka dots are just a few things that are signs of a Glamorous life. Plus, watercolors have been and will probably always be one of my favorite mediums of art. I am no master of interpreting art, so I can't say for sure the Ashley ever thought of circuses and carni people when she created this piece. It's a mystery to me how one becomes part of a carnival or circus, but I can only imagine that once you become part of such a niche lifestyle you are no longer part of the real world. Instead, you are a member of a crazy cool family that juggles bowling pins, sells snow cones, and wrestles tigers.

Here's to an active imagination!

Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year Resolutions: 2015

new year resolutions, bicyclette, random acts of pastel, new years, 2015, juice cleanse, ideas

My first ever blog post was the very first day of 2014 and I wrote about my New Year Resolutions. I stuck with the "short and sweet" type of list and accomplished all of them: Get organized, Do things I love more often, and Let go and let God. My list was definitely a cop-out since it was really more of a lifestyle change than a list of things "to do," but nonetheless, I'm proud of everything that came out of my sticking with my resolutions. Since then I've created an unhealthy amount of other bucket lists (like my blogger confessions goal list in July) and am excited to say that I accomplished a lot of what was on those lists. I reached 20k (and definitely passed!) all time views by the end of 2014, featured a guest blogger whose post was absolutely amazing, hosted a successful giveaway, and learned how to streamline my links page (i.e. get rid of it all together). Now it's time for this years New Year Resolutions! Since I'm still in the middle of my 101 in 1001, I'll be keeping track of this resolutions on top of the 101 things I'm already supposed to be doing and accomplishing. Share your new year resolutions in the comments below and inspire others to resolve to do things they'll probably never do. I might even add a few of them to my list :)

1.  Seize the day
2. Be more social
3. Don't bite of more than I can chew
4. Learn to cook a new dish
5. Get involved with/in a physical activity I like
6. Try a cleanse... Juice, spiritual, style, or whatever else may interest me
7. Make a new friend
8. Live and love

Friday, January 2, 2015

Bon Anniversaire!

happy new year, glamorous revelation blog, giveaway, first birthday, raop, random acts of pastel, bicyclette, celebrate, suits, downton abbey, mozart in the jungle, betas, blogiversary, anniversary

It's 2015!!! That's still sinking in for me. Like I said before, 2015 will be an extremely eventful year for me with all that's going on with school, work, and this blog. I've spent the past 2 weeks literally living on my couch watching the new Amazon show Mozart In The Jungle, the Amazon exclusive series Betas, and all four seasons of Suits (which I am IN LOVE with) as well as keeping up with Downton Abbey, Vanderpump Rules, Red Band Society, and Girlfriends' Guide To Divorce.

Yesterday was A Glamorous Revelation's first birthday and I am SUPER excited to celebrate by hosting a giveaway! Buuttttt... the sad news is, the items I ordered last month (which may or may not be sequin hangers + other sparkly goodies from the Pearls and Pastries Shop ;)) for the Glamour Girl Birthday Giveaway haven't come in the mail yet so everything's going to be put on hold until it all arrives. Have no fear, though, because there's still reason to celebrate! Throw some confetti, host a party, drink some champagne because AGR just turned one!

Photo by Bicyclette/Random Acts Of Pastel
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