Monday, December 22, 2014

XO Bicyclette

XO, Bicyclette // Behind the Scenes - Bicyclette Boutique
Bicyclette Boutique is going through its final stages and it's nothing but bittersweet on this end of things. It's hard not to look at every post, product feature, sale, or lookbook as just one more step towards the end of Bicyclette. Paige, creative director behind the Bicyclette brand, keeps up a cheery disposition in the Bicyclette blog and @BicycletteBoutique Instagram feed so maintaining the "be in the present" state of mind is becoming easier and easier. Instead of focusing on the closing of the brick-and-mortar Bicyclette Boutique, I'm choosing to embrace the present state of happiness and sparkle of Bicyclette's newest holiday lookbook, aptly titled XO Bicyclette, and the ever-so girly and glamorous Bicyclette website. Take a peep at some of the gorgeous photos from XO Bicyclette featured below and see the entire lookbook on the Bicyclette blog here.

Photos by Bicyclette