Monday, December 29, 2014

Today Is The Day

Steal Time Back (formerly known as Tiny Time Machines) was THE first small business I ever consciously purchased from and was the brand that single-handedly introduced me to the small business retail world on Instagram. Now I've discovered sooo sooo many brands on Instagram and my Paypal account can testify to the fact that many of them have lead to many, MANY purchases. 

With every new piece added to the Steal Time Back collection, I'm reminded of the ever-so-important mantra they have built their company on: "Be Here Now."  Here's a snippet one of their most popular posts (okay, so I don't know that for sure, but it's really good so I think it's pretty likely) from the Steal Time Back blahg (yes, I did say blaahhgg, not blog) where they share pieces of inspiration and motivation to steal time back and live in the present. Live like there's no tomorrow! 
Be here Now. xo Munachi

Today Is The Day
today is the day, let’s go out and play
don’t be afraid, nothing is late
I want you to know, all highs and lows
that life will bring, and still dance and sing
even when you’re blue, don’t forget to do
what’s in your heart, and life can be art
tomorrow’s a lie, go tell it goodbye
yesterday’s gone, bring today on
so don’t sit around, with a big frown
because today is the day, let’s go out and play
by Garni Sohrabian

Photo from Steal Time Back Instagram