Friday, December 19, 2014

The Best Of The Best Of The Best Holiday Gift Guides

I know, I know... Just last week I shared with you all the "best" holiday gift guides for this year. Now I'm changing my tune and making a new and improved list of gift guides I'm loving this holiday season. Don't be mistaken, each one of the gift guides I mentioned last week from Cupcakes and Cashmere, Our Happy Place,, and especially Teen Vogue are absolutely on my list of must-reads/must-sees. I've gone back to them time and time again within the last month to get gift ideas for my brothers, sisters, best friends, and parents as well as for myself. However, the list just got a little bit longer since I've discovered a few more perfectly glamorous gift guides to fall in love with. Though it's a little late to start buying every pretty thing on each one of these guides, there's plenty of time to oggle at all of these fabulous Christmas wishlists floating around the world wide web.

Gift Guide Under $25 [featuring One Love Organics cleanser & A Beautiful Mess planners!] by Thyme is Honey

{my personal favorite}

Photo by Nylon Magazine