Wednesday, December 17, 2014

That's a Wrap!

[Here's a link to the Hi-Res video on the Bicyclette vimeo profile]
This year I was responsible for actually purchasing the items on everyone's Christmas list. Getting to shop plus keeping Christmas traditional with the element of surprise has been the icing on the cake for the coming December 25th festivities. However, now that I have successfully gotten [almost all] the gifts I'm now faced with the task of wrapping them. I am on a search for textured glitter wrapping paper and am hoping to luck out on great holiday-ish gift bags. (Okay, so the gift bags I've picked out so far aren't necessarily holiday themed).This vimeo video by Bicyclette puts me in the glamorous mood to take a little trot through the historic west side district in the Christmas-y white snow and carry exquisitely wrapped gifts everywhere I go with me to spread the holiday cheer. Well, not entirely. Nonetheless, this video has inspired me to step up my wrapping game this year so that my siblings and I can feel like we've had a truly glamorous revelation this Christmas.

A little spirited fun for the perfectly-pretty wrapped gifts type Glamour Girls because I know you all exist and are dying for gift wrapping inspiration in the form of a one minute and fifteen second video. Enjoy!

And for you mobile readers (I do appreciate ya!) here's a link...Bicyclette presents Wrapping Up the Holidays