Friday, December 12, 2014

Notes // Jordan & Packed Party

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"Happy Holidaze" Packed Party package
Last week I published the first installment of my new Glamorous Proust Questionnaire series where I "interview" some of my favorite Glamour Girls in the small business industry. Within the past several months of me conducting this little ol' blog you see here and embracing the small business community I've come across tons of independently owned brands that I've been dying to get to know more about and connect with. What better way to do that than to create my own version of the infamous Proust Questionnaire and sharing it here on AGR so that you all can join in on the fun. As a last minute addition to the series, I've decided that after each interview I'll do a little extra digging into the greatness of each brand and share my favorites about the brands, their founder/owners, their products, and their specific Glamorous Proust Questionnaire.

I started off the series with Packed Party and its founder Jordan so they're going to be the shining star for today. I'm still loving her quote "Something I created on my bedroom floor is making someone’s day all the way in Australia or someone in the hospital recovering from something terrible- kinda crazy right?" and am using it as my ultimate motivation to chase my smallest and most insignificant dreams. And the fact that one of her favorite/most played songs is Closer To Love x Mat Kearney, a major favorite of mine, is pretty darn awesome.

I picked Packed Party to start off the series because last week was also my birthday week, but I will admit that I didn't receive a Birthday Beb package for my special day. Instead, I rushed home Monday afternoon on December 1st to order the "Happy Holidaze" package in order to get it before it sold out (which unfortunately it now is). I freaked out when I discovered the HH package had a tube of Finding Ferdinand lipstick and that each one also comes with a box of Fatty Sundays chocolate covered sprinkle pretzels and S.W. Basics cream, all of which are brands I've been dying to try. It turns out that the first batch of HH packages won't have the tube of Redilicious lipstick Jordan picked out, but they will all come with a voucher to get a starter kit from the Finding Ferdinand website to create your own custom shade of lipstick (a $60 value!!!) which is worth more than the entire Packed Party box itself! I won't be opening my "Happy Holidaze" box 'til Chrsitmas, but you can bank on me writing about all of the amazingness inside of it around New Year's Day :)

As for the other packages like the "You Don't Need Him Anyway," "Pity Party," and "Thanks x A Million" on the Packed Party website, they all have a healthy dose of goodies (think earbuds and "love"-ly cuffs), confetti push pops, and LOTS of Rifle Paper Co. What else do I have to say to convince you that you should be ordering a Packed Party for yourself or your best friend right this second?? Oh yeah, each box is only $45 and comes in a cute, navy blue, custom Packed Party box -- no brown or white, ugly Flat Rate Shipping boxes from the post office at the doorstep. Convinced?!? Well, then. Here's a post from the ghost of A Glamorous Revelation past about Packed Party that you should take a peep at. And if you're still not convinced then I'm afraid you've got an imagination filled with black dust and cobwebs and need to have a little more FUN.

Photo by Packed Party (Instagram)