Monday, December 1, 2014

My Little Obsession: DDSLL Girls Lingerie

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I hardly own any fancy, expensive underwear but there's no denying that the garments that cover you underneath can make you feel just as glamorous and fabulous as what you wear on the outside. I feel 10x more amazing when I'm wearing a pair of cute, frilly underwear than I do when I'm wearing a pair of old, plain colored panties regardless of the fact that no one sees it other than myself. Same goes for bras and bralettes. I love a nice, fancy bra to wear under my clothes as a fun little secret boost of confidence. Okay, so it goes without saying that I am IN LOVE with DDSLL Girls and their selection of handmade undergarments. Dress.Dance.Sing.Love.Live., DDSLL Girls for short, has an amazing collection of floral and lace bras, silky bralettes, hipster undies, high-waisted panties, and just straight up gorgeously designed underwear. I discovered this European gem on Instagram and have wanted at least one pair of floral and lace underwear since I spent almost an hour fawning over their Etsy shop. Some of my favorite bras and panties are decked out in lilac flowers and pink lace detailing or grey frills and satin bows while others have bedazzled beads and bright colored tulle. Even for those of you who, like me, "have no reason to have expensive undergarments" think of it as a treat to yourself and your inner Glam Girl because I know that everything that DDSLL Girls has to offer will have you feeling like you can take on the world once you wear it. And don't forget: Christmas is right around the corner and a glamorous pair of underwear is a perfect gift.