Monday, December 15, 2014

Color Kitten Christmas

beaded necklace, polka dot headband, 4-pack hair ties: (r-ki-tekt) c/o; "Color Kittens Unite!!!" postcard: (r-ki-tekt) c/o; magazine: Nylon; gold key chain: (r-ki-tekt) c/o

Oh, how I have been waiting for this #HappyMailDay. From post office mix-ups to holiday rush orders, this package from (r-ki-tekt) has been to the North Pole and back before it ended up on my doorstep. Technically, I became a brand ambassador (a Color Kitten, if you will :)) for Kel and her glamorous little brand (r-ki-tekt) back in August, but God's been testing my patience the past 3 1/2 months and has sent ever problem every which way to Kel and I. However, now that I finally have all the random pretty things my heart desires (for right now, at least!) I am set to celebrate Christmas in all it's colorful, sparkly glory.

My first piece of jewelry from the (r-ki-tekt) shop was somewhat of a surprise love. I knew what I was ordering, obviously, but when I actually opened up the box and saw the pink and gold glittered baubles strung on a their chain I became head over heals obsessed. Here we are again almost four months later and I have fallen in love with another one of Kel's pieces, the Briela necklace. My unexpected love for the color scheme of Briela was highlighted by the set of Pony Up hair ties that come in complementary shades/patterns of pink, mint, black and white polka dot, and glittery gold. Even though my absolutely-to-die-for obsession over glamorous hair ties peaked in the summer, I still get super excited when I get more pieces of hair candy.

My collection of (r-ki-tekt) jewels and trinkets keeps getting bigger and bigger with the addition of Simple Pastel beaded necklaces, metallic gold key fobs, and polka dotted wire wrap hair ties. I know I said that I now have all of the random pretty things my heart desires, but I guess I lied because the more (r-ki-tekt) I have the more I want. The Playtime necklace and Gheri beaded necklace w/TasselTail are already on my radar as Etsy must-buys so don't think this will be the last you see of (r-ki-tekt) on A Glamorous Revelation. This is only the beginning...